Preview: Psycho Bitch (P.k. Pin Up Productions)

The title “Psycho Bitch” is pretty provocative, and for a good reason. Tamara Lynn Robert’s one-woman show is about her experience with mental health issues: her diagnosed disorders, the medications, and the stigma that the title references.

It’s an important topic, and one that is best addressed by people with real experience. Roberts has been a performer/storyteller/writer since she was a teenager so she is able to articulate her story in a way that is both entertaining theatre and sincere autobiography that resonates with people, particularly people with their own history of mental illness.

Roberts’ message is serious, of course, but the show is humorous and is also productive in that she has ideas about how to rectify serious problems with the mental health industry. As a community mental health worker, she has experience from inside the system as well. There are large gaps between the various disciplines, and it’s very easy for people to fall through.

One of the organizations doing great work in that area is LGBT Youthline, and the entire run of this production of Psycho Bitch is a benefit for them. Queer kids are one of the most at-risk demographics for mental health and addiction problem. With the  LGBT Youthline people under 26 can call the 1-800 number or instant message them to get support from other LGBT youth, totally free of charge. Speaking as a person who grew up queer in rural northern Ontario in the 80’s and most of the 90’s, this would have really helped me. I think they deserve all the donations, grants, and funding from benefits like this, that they can get.


  • Psycho Bitch plays at The Electric Theatre, 299 Augusta Ave 
  • Performances are February 8th and 9th at 8 pm and February 10th at 3 pm
  • Tickets are $15, Students, Seniors, Artists and Underemployed $10
  • Buy tickets online, or at the door