The Wonder of FringeKids!

Eight wonderful shows for kids aged 3 and above take the stage at Toronto Fringe

There is nothing like seeing the joy and wonder on a young one’s face when they’ve experienced something truly fun and engaging on stage. Fringe is a great way to introduce kids to the magical world of theatre, expand their curious minds and build fond memories.

There are no requirements to “sit still” and “be quiet” – no one really minds that much if they’re talking or if they need to get up and walk around a bit at the back. There are even washrooms in the theatre to accommodate those kid-sized bladders. It’s great for the budget-conscious parent; tickets are only $5 for kids, $10 for adults.  But hurry on, tickets are selling super fast this year, so be sure to buy in advance or stand in line early.

This year  FringeKids! features eight productions aimed at kids a variety of ages, ranging from 3-16 years. They range from puppet shows and interactive performances to musicals and classic tales. None of the shows are longer than 60 minutes.

All of the plays take place at the (blissfully air-conditioned!) Palmerston Library, 560 Palmerston, which has a small but lovely kids section to keep folks occupied while you wait for show time after you get your tickets.  The theatre is on the lower level, and strollers need to stay upstairs, however there is an elevator available for accessibility purposes.

By the second weekend these shows generally sell out pretty quickly, so keep that in mind when you’re doing your planning. As with all Fringe shows, 50% of the tickets are available to purchase in advance, and the box office opens one hour before the show starts.

See a list of what is playing at the 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival FringeKids! below:

Bremen Rock City – Song Trolley Productions

Jack is a young donkey with rock star dreams and Bremen is the city where they can come true. As he heads out on his rockin’ roadtrip, Jack gathers a gang of musical misfits and by the time they hit the city they have formed a band – The Strays. But do they have what it takes to make it in showbiz? Only one place to find out…Bremen Rock City! 

Show length: 60min.
Age range: 6-14

Handle With Care – Tangled Web Theatre

On a warm summer day three friends discover a mysterious box in the forest.
“I have an idea,” says Tyler.
“Uh oh,” says Helen.
“Oh no!” says Bonnie.
“Let’s open it!” says Tyler.
“It might be dangerous.”
“We could get in trouble.”
Tyler opens it anyway.
Inside they find some unusual puppets and a strange set of instructions…and the stories begin. 

Show length: 45min.
Age range: 4yrs – 10yrs

The Happiest Place On Earth – Blue Like An Orange Productions

Josephine, orphaned and raised by an unlikely father, must hide her true identity while she searches for her place in the world. Meet two wacky Doll Makers, a hilarious three-headed man, and rap with sea creatures Rockman and Starfish. Using whimsical costumes, puppets, and creative storytelling, accompany Josephine on a magical journey of the heart.

Show length: 60min.
Age range: 7 and up

Honest Aesop’s Fables – Tarradiddle Productions

From the director of the 2011 Best of Fringe hit “The Traveling Salesman and His Magical Suitcase of Desires” comes a hilarious re-telling of timeless tales told by the characters themselves. Join us to find out what happens when the storyteller loses control of the stories and the characters run amok.

Show length: 55min.
Age range: For children aged 4 to 104

A Midsummer Night’s Dream…A Puppet Epic! – Shakey-Shake and Friends

A light-hearted retelling of William Shakespeare’s classic “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”…with puppets!
From the creators of hit Fringe shows “Romeo and Juliet: A Puppet Epic!” and Best of Fringe 2012′s “The Tempest: A Puppet Epic!” comes a tale of love, magic, mischief, and fun in the tradition of the Muppets and Wishbone. Oh, what fools these puppets be!

Show length: 50min.
Age range: 5 and up!

Rovero and Juliet – The Manipulators

The Bard’s greatest tragedy as it was orginally intended – with puppets and a happy ending! Can two feuding families – the Muttagues and the Catulets – be brought together by love? Find out in this hilarious adaption of Shakespeare’s classic, featuring an all-puppet cast of characters.
WARNING – this show includes the use of bananas.

Show length: 60min.
Age range: 6yrs – 14yrs

The Secret life of Walter Manny – Trent Arterberry

Misunderstood, eight-year-old Walter escapes into high-octane reveries of racecar driving, firefighting and secret-agent spying. When a fire threatens the classroom Walter must use his imaginative skills to save his best friend’s life.

Show length: 45min.
Age range: 5yrs-12yrs

Stay With Me – Skylark Productions

A mom and a daughter are inseparable until the daughter decides she wants to go to school – to allow her mom to get a life – while the mother just wants to be with her daughter. A comic adventure of figuring out the anxiety of separation, joyfully.

Show length: 45min.
Age range: 4yrs-12yrs


  • FringeKids! runs from July 3 – July 14, 2013 at the Palmerston Library (560 Palmerston, two blocks west of Bathurst, just north of Bloor)
  • Shows run at various times, click on the titles above for dates and times of individual performances
  • Tickets are $10 for adults; $5 for kids under 12
    At-the-door tickets: $10 (at-the-door tickets are available at the venue starting one hour prior to show time – cash sales only)
    Online tickets: $11 (50% of tickets are available for sale in advance)
  • Purchase online:
    By Phone: 416-966-1062, ext 1.
    In Person: During the Festival Box Office in the parking lot behind Honest Edʼs (581 Bloor St W).