Review: Be Mein Valentine (Skin Tight Outta Sight Rebel Burlesque)

Love themed burlesque lit up the Gladstone Hotel in Be Mein Valentine

Be Mein Valentine is an annual burlesque event set at The Gladstone Hotel. Thrown by the Skin Tight Outta Sight Rebel Burlesque troupe and Boylesque T.O, Be Mein Valentine is a cabaret of stripping women, men, and the occasional gingerbread cookie. The night combines the celebration of Valentine’s Day with the theme of German tradition and debauchery. Even though it seems like a random mix, it was nothing but entertaining.

Three charming hosts guide you through the den of iniquity. Sexy Deutsch Mark Brown, a small-town conservative man who feels corrupted by all the naughtiness around him; Ginger Darling, the clever, cheeky and – obviously – ginger host; and lastly Balonia Wry, the sex-crazed and hilarious dominatrix who, with her wandering leather crop and tasteless jokes, steals the show.

The acts center around sexy “German” themes. Boylesque men parade around the stage in the smallest lederhosen you can imagine. Hansel and Gretel gets a twisted interpretation. Luft-balloons are popped and a giant gingerbread man is tempted with icing.

Adding to the excitement, audience members participate by competing for Valentine prizes from the Condom Shack, lingerie stores and sex shops. There is the “Hassel-off” where two people don David Hasselhoff masks and dance for applause, and a sensual gingerbread eating contest. All of the participants get prizes, because no one should feel left out on Valentine’s Day.

The only warning I would have for this show is if you cannot handle the truly offensive and dirty, do not go. Do not go at all. I feel like I can deal with a lot of dirty jokes and raunchy activity, but I still blushed at some of these performances. They go after the taboo of all taboos: a striptease by a man dressed as Adolf Hitler to the song “I Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith.

For me, this is everything you could want in a Valentine’s event. There is a stocked bar and table full of chocolate-covered treats. Chocolate hearts and red suckers cover tables. A woman walks through the aisles and pedals beaded pasties. The jazz band Big Rude Jake and The Jump Devils gets the blood pumping, especially when headed by the burlesque dancer Laura Desiree. And lastly, all the good ol’ fashioned raunchy fun.

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