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Mother-Daughter duo takes Little Miss Understood to

Toronto and Edmonton Fringe Festivals

Sandcastle Theatre presents Little Miss Understood, a candid and funny portrayal of the joys of raising a teenager. An original play by Stephanie Fowler and her 14-year-old daughter, Beatrice, Little Miss Understood will be performed at both the

Toronto and Edmonton Fringe Festivals this summer.

Stephanie conceived the idea for Little Miss Understood when she and Beatrice participated in HER Stories – an evening of stories and monologues by 16 women, presented at The Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound. Together they spent three months writing about issues that were important to each of them and wove those stories and ideas together into a 50-minute play.

Their appearance at the Toronto Fringe Festival will mark Stephanie and Beatrice’s third time on stage together. The pair starred in a production of Wait Until Dark in 2009 and HER Stories in 2013. Little Miss Understood has been performed twice in their home town of Owen Sound and will be on tour this summer. Audience members have called the show “eloquent and funny”, “well-crafted” and “spot-on in portraying the interaction between mother and child.”

Stephanie is the founder and director of Sandcastle Theatre, a company that provides theatre training for young people. Sandcastle Theatre also creates and tours shows on subjects relevant to youth, bringing live theatre to hundreds of elementary school students each year. Little

Miss Understood is Sandcastle Theatre’s first play written specifically for adult audiences.

Little Miss Understood provides an entertaining look at the frustrations of being and raising a teenager. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch

Performances at St. Vladimir’s Theatre (620 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON)


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  1. Saw the first show. I found a lot of genuineness and warmth in this, despite the fact the mum and daughter were mostly arguing. That came from Stephanie and Bea being real-life mother and daughter. Kudos to mounting this show now, while Bea is still a teen. That took bravery and it paid off.
    Yeh, there were a few miscues, but they’ll get ironed out.

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