Shed No More (Two Idiots with Masks) 2015 Toronto Shed Show Review

Photo of Shed No MoreEver want to take a quick tour of Toronto? Take in a Jays game and visit the CN Tower in twenty minutes? Shed No More by Two Idiots with Masks playing at the The Fringe Club as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival take the audience on a romantic date through various Toronto locales. The show is a chaotic mess in its twenty minute rush from scene to scene but that doesn’t mean it’s not a ton of fun.

Sebastian Biasucci and Alexander Zonjic as Proteus and Valentino attempt to woo various audience members during ‘the date.’ Their characters are a bit humdrum, existing as one-dimensional Italian macho-men stereotypes that shout at each other. The gags also depend very strongly on the date night set-up which limits where the comedy can go.

But Biasucci and Zonjic still make it work.

See, the plot and characters aren’t really the point here. Instead, it’s how the audience and performers react to each other that left such a strong impression. Biasucci and Zonijc are completely invested in making the audience participate. Where everything comes to life is watching the audience struggle to find its footing while the performers heckle good-naturedly and adapt to whatever is thrown at them.

I got a group of complete strangers in the performance I saw—something I recommend. It was a blast watching everyone else; we had those who were ambivalent about participating in various scenes (myself), and those who were game to do whatever was thrown at them. We were all exchanging looks and laughing as each of us was put on the spot.

I really enjoyed the brief community that came out during the show. This is a great opportunity to have a unique experience with other Fringe attendees.

At the same time, speaking as someone who isn’t always comfortable with being touched, Shed No More has a lot of contact. Masks will be put over your face and eyes and that is definitely not for everyone. There’s also not a lot of space. The show has about two or three little performances in its allotted time so there are only about four audience members in each run.

If you’re hanging around The Fringe Club, I’d recommend checking it out.


  • Shed No More is playing until July 11 at The Fringe Club as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival
  • All Shed Shows are pay what you can
  • The shed venue is not wheelchair accessible
  • There is limited space for this production
  • This production is not accessible for non-English speakers
  • This production contains mature language and subject matter
  • This production involves audience participation and includes physical contact

Remaining Shows:
July 10 at 06:30 PM
July 11 at 08:00 PM

Shed No More poster by Two Idiots with Masks