Cheap Theatre in Toronto the Week of October 12th, 2015

Five Shows Under $25 in Toronto this Week

This week nothing is quite like the other–a testament to the diversity of theatre going on in the city right now! As usual, we’re here to highlight a few productions that are both intriguing and kind to the wallet. Check them out under the cut!

Baobab by Hélène Ducharme (Young People’s Theatre). An ancient tree gives birth to a boy who is destined to save a village from drought in this story inspired by West African legends. Opens Oct 13 and runs to Oct 23, see website for schedule. $19-$24. Show Info.

The Baby. Screenplay by Abe Polsky, adapted by Dan Spurgeon (Storefront Theatre). A social worker is assigned to a family where an adult male sleeps in a crib and acts like an infant in this “grindhouse” comedy based on a 70s film. Opens Oct 15 and runs to Nov 1, Tue-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm. $20-$25. Show Info.

Sleepy Hollow by Adrienne Kress (Solar Stage Children’s Theatre). Ichabod Crane shares the tale of his spooky encounters in this kid-friendly ghost story play. Opens Oct 10 and runs to Oct 25, Sat-Sun 11 am & 2 pm. $16. Show Info.

Defending the Caveman by Rob Becker (I Love It Productions). This comedy looks at the ongoing misunderstandings between men and women. Previews Oct 1-2, opens Oct 3 and runs to Oct 31, Fri-Sat 8 pm. $40, stu $20, previews $15-$20. Show Info.

Finding Funny by Daniel Stolfi (You and Me Entertainment). Stolfi performs his solo show about losing his comedy mojo and seeking to rediscover what drove him to make people laugh in the first place. Opens Oct 1 and runs to Nov 5, Thu 8 pm (no show Oct 22). $15-$20. Show Info