Cheap Theatre in Toronto the Week of June 6th

Five Shows Under $25 in Toronto this Week

From clown festivals to clueless parodies, this week we have a variety of shows that defy any theme: that’s how diverse they are when it comes to tone, genre, and just about any other consideration you might have! Not only do you have a lot to choose from, nothing here will make you weep for your wallet. Check out these affordable shows running in Toronto this week!

Toronto Festival of Clowns. Clown and physical theatre performers including Sketchy & Fesso, Jean Paul Mullet, Adam Bailey, Snack Music Collective, the Amazing Trevor & others. Opens Jun 8 and runs to Jun 12, Wed-Sun from 7 pm, mat Sat-Sun 4 pm. $15-$20. In the Main Space & Studio. Show Info.

Choking the Butterfly by James Johnson (Rarely Pure Theatre). Formerly conjoined twins Betty and Barney are surgically separated as teenagers and thrown out of their sheltered institutional life to face the world. Opens Jun 9 and runs to Jun 19, Thu-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm. $20, stu/srs $15. Show Info.

MILF Life Crisis. Anne Marie Scheffler performs her comedic solo play about mid-life dating after divorce. Opens Jun 7 and runs to Jun 11, Tue-Sat 8 pm. $20. Show Info.

Terra Incognita (Terra Incognita Collective/DOC Now). Performance documentary work that involves collective creation and theatre mask technique to explore our complicity within growth culture and the potential degrowth alternative. Jun 3-6, Fri-Mon 8 pm, mat Sun 2:30 pm. Pwyc ($20 sugg). Show Info.

The Clueless Dead (Players). Mashup of airheads from Clueless and the zombie-slaying crew from the Walking Dead in this comedic show. Opens Jun 2 and runs to Jun 11, Thu-Sat 8:30 pm (doors 7:30 pm). $25, Thu $15 (all proceeds benefit PMCF, Femme International and Lifeline Syria). Show Info.