Best Picture – Toronto Fringe 2016 Press Release

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image of jon paterson and kurt fitzpatrick

RibbitRePublic presents

Written by Kurt Fitzpatrick     Directed by Jeff Culbert
Starring Jon Paterson, Rachel Kent, and Kurt Fitzpatrick

MAY 2016 – TORONTO, ON – Eleven years after winning Best of Fest in Toronto Fringe with “BoyGroove” (also 2006 Audience Choice Dora Award), RibbitRePublic is back!  Three Fringe veterans join forces to play a cast of thousands in this epic, critically acclaimed tour de force.  Plank Magazine says, “These three are truly Fringe masters.”

Written by twelve-year Fringe veteran Kurt Fitzpatrick, “Best Picture” pays homage to every Best Picture winner, from “Wings” to ”On the Waterfront” to ”Silence of the Lambs,” and while every film gets its turn to be lampooned, how it plays out is anything but linear. “You have Laurence Olivier and Woody Allen fighting over Annie Hall,” says Fitzpatrick.

This summer marks the third year of “Best Picture,” which means an ever-evolving script to keep pace with Hollywood’s annual awards show, with Fitzpatrick eagerly anticipating the winner. “Last year, I had this whole scene written for ‘Boyhood’” He chuckles. “This year, I’m glad “Spotlight” won because otherwise I would have just bitten Jon on the back” referring to the bear-saga “The Revenant.”

Best Picture” received Patrons’ Pick awards in Winnipeg and Orlando Fringe and sold out seven shows in one week in Calgary last summer.

At Theatre Pass Muraille Mainspace, 16 Ryerson Ave.
JUL 1 9:45PM,
JUL 2 4PM,
JUL 3 11PM,
JUL 4 5:15PM,
JUL 5 8PM,
JUL 6 4PM,
JUL 9 7PM.

Photo of Jon Paterson and Kurt Fitzpatrick by Richard Gilmore