Bright Lights – Toronto Fringe 2016 Press Release

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Photo of a poster on a hydro pole asking 'have you had an experience' and showing UFOs
Hit Toronto Playwright Kat Sandler Asks: How Far Would You Go To Prove Your Beliefs?

Prolific indie playwright’s latest play premieres with an all-star cast in the Toronto Fringe.

Everyone comes to Ross’ alien experience support group for different reasons: some want love, some want friends, some want allies in ‘the war to come’ – but above all, they want to be believed.
However, their personal beliefs and loyalties to each other are
tested when a new member accuses Ross of being less human than he appears. What follows is a tense battle of wits and will as Ross is put on trial by people desperate to prove the validity of their experiences…no matter what the cost.

Bright Lights is searing dark comedy that looks at who we are, what we believe, and how far we’ll go to not feel alone.
Hit indie company Theatre Brouhaha and prolific Toronto playwright Kat Sandler team up with the people behind Canadian Comedy Award winning duo Peter N’ Chris, clown duo
Morro & Jasp, Shakey-Shake and Friends, and Bad Dog Theatre’s Colin Munch to create an unforgettable pitch black comedy about paranoia trust, and the need to be believed.

Praise for Kat Sandler and Theatre Brouhaha:
“Kat Sandler is the most exciting theatre voice in this city today.”
–Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star (Liver)

Bright Lights
Written and Directed by Kat Sandler
Starring: Amy Lee, Heather Marie Annis, Peter Corlone, Chris Wilson, and Colin Munch.
Dramaturge: Tom McGee
Producers: Kat Sandler and Tom McGee
Tarragon Theatre Mainspace
30 Bridgman Ave, Toronto ON M5R 1X3
Wednesday June 29th, 10.30 pm
Friday July 1st, 8.45 pm
Sunday July 3rd, 3.30 pm
Tuesday July 5th, 6.30 pm
Wednesday July 6th, 12.00 pm
Friday July 8th, 6.00 pm
Saturday July 9th, 11.30 pm

$12 at