Cheap Theatre in Toronto the Week of September 13th

Five Shows Under $25 in Toronto this Week

This week, the shows couldn’t be more different: from female actresses playing Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to erotic variety shows to festivals dedicated to theatre itself, we’ve chosen five shows with budget-friendly ticket prices that illustrate the richness and diversity of Toronto’s theatre scene. Check ’em out under the cut!

The One More Night Festival (Brick & Mortar). Theatre festival featuring works by independent artists, focus groups on issues in the theatre community and a celebration of the new Commons theatre venue. Plays include Pangea, Knots, Oasis Love, 4.48 Psychosis and more. Sep 11-18, see website for schedule. Plays $15, some events free. Show Info.

Kill Your Parents in Viking, Alberta by Bryce Hodgson and Charlie Kerr (Blood Pact Theatre/Storefront Theatre). Three estranged siblings meet in the middle of a brutal to sign the will of their recently deceased grandmother. Opens Sep 9 and runs to Sep 25, Wed-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm. $20-$25. Limited Wed pwyc, in person only. Show Info.

Matt & Ben by Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers (Short Stack Collective). All-female production of the play about the original Hollywood bromance started during the creation of the film Good Will Hunting. Sep 15-17 at 8 pm. $15. Show Info.

Bed Post: The Live Erotic Magazine & Social. Sex and sexuality variety show including erotic readings, burlesque, real life sex stories, raunchy comedy, ask a sexpert and more. 8 pm. $10. 2nd floor. Show Info.

Pearls & Poison, Or the Appropriate Amount of Rouge by Yolanda Ferrato, with Karyn Guenther and contributions from Keshia Palm (Intersection Theatre). Three interwoven cautionary tales set in the early 1900s about otherwise ordinary women who find extreme solutions for problems. Inspired by the violence of children’s rhymes and the macabre works of artists such as Edward Gorey and Hillaire Belloc. Sep 16-18, Fri-Sun 8 pm, mat Sun 4 pm. $20, stu $15. Show Info.