D&D Yoga – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

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photo of Christine Desrochers by Amyris Rada

Yoga Gamification Comes to the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival

D&D Yoga performance fuses yoga with imaginative roleplay gaming
 [Toronto, ON] – The Toronto Fringe Festival showcases numerous performances that are unique and interesting each year. Part of this year’s line-up includes an alternative theatre performance called D&D Yoga that fuses a yoga class with a roleplaying game. This is the first time this type of experimental, interactive theatre experience is being publicly performed in Canada.  The show, being produced by Downward d20, is also the only 2017 Toronto Fringe performance taking place in a yoga class setting.

Yoga and gaming are two of my passions and D&D Yoga is a fun way to combine these seemingly different activities,” said Christine Desrochers, yoga teacher and founder of Downward d20. “The Fringe Festival is a great opportunity to share this kind of experimental theatre with open-minded people,” added Desrochers.

D&D Yoga provides the audience the opportunity to directly experience a fantasy adventure while roleplaying their own character that will be one of three types: warrior, rogue or mage. The adventure story was written to match the flow of a yoga class and participants will use dice rolling and thematic yoga movements to explore an imaginary world, battle monsters, and overcome obstacles.

“When I first volunteered to test the D&D Yoga experience, I had no idea what it entailed,” said Amyris Rada, play tester and yoga teacher. “I never participated in a roleplaying game before and was genuinely surprised at how much fun it was,” added Rada.

The D&D Yoga experience has been designed for all skill levels so no yoga or gaming experience is required. Yogis can experience infusing their practice with imaginative gameplay, while gamers get the chance to explore creative movement in a roleplaying game.

“I have never really done yoga before and I was intrigued when asked to playtest something that combined yoga with roleplaying games,” said Robert Peacock, play tester and Dungeon & Dragons Dungeon Master. “The gaming elements were creatively streamlined and the yoga movements were well-matched to the adventure,” added Peacock.

Performances are being held at Toronto’s Dovercourt House. Eleven shows will be held throughout the Toronto Fringe Festival between July 5 and 16. Date and time details can be found at  https://fringetoronto.com/festivals/fringe/event/dd-yoga

Those planning on attending are encouraged to wear comfortable workout clothes. Yoga mats and dice will be provided.


About Downward d20

Downward d20 was founded in 2016 by Christine Desrochers, a certified yoga teacher and gaming enthusiast.  D&D yoga was created to provide people with an immersive experience through fusing a yoga practice with the imaginative elements of tabletop roleplay gaming. For more information about Downward d20 visit – www.facebook.com/Downwardd20

photo of Christine Desrochers by Amyris Rada