A Flea in Her Ear – Toronto Fringe 2017 Press Release

Photo from A Flea in Her Ear

From Press Release

Pulse Theatre’s A Flea in Her Ear is a modern adaptation of one of the greatest vaudevilles ever! We made the characters quirkier, the relationships more sensual, the show more exciting! A splendid cast, terrific creative team, a visionary director. The energy, the sexiness, the colorfulness, the playfulness- our show is funny and entertaining! All the original comedy gold, plus hippies and furries, and just a touch of… well, let’s not spoil the surprises! Even if you do know the original script- you don’t know this show! A part of Pulse Theatre’s mandate is working with immigrant artists and diverse performers- “visible and audible minorities”, and we did just that- our talented cast and crew depicts the wonderful diversity of Toronto’s theatre scene. A fierce comedy with a powerful ensemble and crew, and beautiful promo art by the amazing Derrick Chow! Our Flea roars like a tiger!

Director: Sasha Lukač
Stage Manager: Amanda Caliolo
Executive Producer: Mladen Obradović
Producers: Lynda Yearwood and Biljana Karadžić
Associate Producer: Ivana Obradović
Production Design: Jingjia Zhang
Choreographer: A’mar Wharton-Matthew 
Media Design: Derrick Chow

Victor-Emmanuel Chandebise- Mladen Obradović
Raymonde, his wife- Kimberley Wells
Camille, his nephew- A’mar Wharton-Matthew
Tournel, his friend- Tomas Ketchum
Doctor Finache- Kyla Dewey
Don Carlos Homenides de Histangua- Adrian Milan
Lucienne, his wife- Suzanne Miller
Etienne, his manservant- Xavier de Guzman
Antoinette, his wife, the cook- Madelaine Rose
Mrs. Ferraillon: Laurie Hurst
, English guest- Aaron Shaefer
Eugenie, the maid- Anne-Marie Krytiuk
Poche- Mladen Obradović