Heather Eli & Dance Co (Heather Eli and Company) 2017 Toronto Fringe Review

Photo of Cacia Lacount

Heather Eli and Company’s show titled “Home Again” explores the concept of “creating home wherever you are” through quirky movement and playful scenes.

Home Again” was simple. The dancers were dressed in casual clothing, and props amounted to cardboard boxes and a bed sheet. I could appreciate the raw-ness of it all, but the show didn’t quite fulfill my expectations.

There were moments that impressed- I especially enjoyed the duet between Demetrius Burns and Styles Speights. Their athleticism and rigour were palpable.

The cast as a whole rose to the occasion, but there was a bit of a disconnect between the dancers. Perhaps it was due to limited rehearsal time or maybe it was first show jitters? I found certain moves to be out of sync, and at times not as polished as they could have been.

The choreography itself felt a bit place-y and even “too careful”, fluctuating between pedestrian-like movements and concert-style contemporary. I found that it lacked focus and didn’t necessarily reflect the theme of “making a home for ourselves” as much as the choreographer might have hoped.

I’m from the camp who likes contemporary dance that “moves” and I found that “Home Again” got stagnant in certain places. I felt that certain moments in the show were long for no reason in particular other than to do “something cool” for the audience to look at. That being said there were some cool choreographic moments; they were just few and far between.

Since the show was so simple, I was expecting to be hit with a powerful message or maybe some really unique and original choreography and though the dancing was impressive overall, “Home Again” unfortunately didn’t have enough oomph to scratch my dance itch.

  • Heather Eli & Dance Co plays at the Al Green Theatre. (720 Spadina Ave.)
  • Tickets are 12$. The festival also offers a range of money saving passes for serious fringers.
  • Tickets can be purchased online, by telephone (416-966-1062), from the Fringe Club at Scadding Court –and — if any remain from the venue’s box office starting one hour before curtain.
  • Be aware that Fringe performances always start exactly on time, and that latecomers are never admitted.
  • Content Warnings: Parental guidance is advised
  • This venue is accessible.


  • Friday July 7th, 03:00 pm
  • Saturday July 8th, 05:15 pm
  • Monday July 10th, 08:30 pm
  • Tuesday July 11th, 10:45 pm
  • Wednesday July 12th, 03:30pm
  • Friday July 14th, 06:15pm
  • Sunday July 16th, 05:15 pm

Photo of Cacia Lacount provided by company.