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BOY WONDERS Swing into Fringe!

PETERBOROUGH, ON – May 28, 2018 – This summer, the secret confessions of costumed teenage sidekicks will be revealed at the Toronto Fringe Festival.  Boy Wonders, an original play written and directed by Derek Weatherdon, takes the classic concept of the superhero sidekick and turns it on its head in a show that mixes comic book fantasy with a gritty, real world sensibility.

Boy Wonders presents a meeting between a group of crime fighting teenage protégés of Post WWII Superheroes.  While their mentors are in a ballroom below forming a brand new superhero team, the sidekicks are sent to wait in a hotel room where, despite their genre-spanning differences, they discover that they are more similar than they might have thought.  However, upon revealing their secret origins to one another, the heroes reveal that crime fighting isn’t all glory.  It is actually a lonely life filled with danger, isolation and abuse.   A drama filled with colorful characters and moments of comedy, Boy Wonders takes the same real world tone on fan favorite comic book series such as Watchmen and Kick Ass.  Premiered by Peterborough’s Planet 12 Productions at The Theater on King in 2017, Boy Wonders was called “One of the Best Shows of 2017” by

Making the show unique is that the cast is made up of a talented roster of young performers between the ages of 13 to 15 playing characters filled with both wide eyed wonder and raw tragedy.  The cast features the talents of Abbie Dale, Aimée Gordon, Emily Keller, Emma Meinhardt, Tyrnan O’Driscoll and Samuelle May, alongside adult performer Brad Brackenridge.

Boy Wonders is a show featuring real world themes and sensitive material mixed in with four-coloured pop culture mirth, performed by an exceptional group of young actors with the talent and maturity to make this material strike a strong emotional chord with its audience.  Boy Wonders will be featured at Tarragon Theatre Extraspace, July 4-15, 2018.



Planet 12 Productions in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival presents

Boy Wonders

written and directed by Derek Kregg Weatherdon

featuring Brad Brackenridge, Abbie Dale, Aimée Gordon, Emily Keller, Samuelle May, Emma Meinhardt, and Tyrnan O’Driscoll

Set design Amy Keller

Costume design by Heather Ross

Stage Managed by Nicole Roy






July 6, 1:00pm
July 7, 5:30pm
July 9, 8:00pm
July 11, 12:15pm
July 12, 6:00pm
July 13, 11:15pm
July 14, 3:45pm

 Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.

Available June 7, 2018

Purchase online:

By Phone: 416-966-1062

In Person: During the festival at our main box office at the Fringe patio at Scadding Court – 707 Dundas Street West.

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