Daily Picks from our Raves at the Toronto Fringe 2018 (July 10th)

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We’re heading into the final stretch for the Toronto Fringe Festival with only 6 more days left to see as many shows as you can. What have you seen already and what are you still curious to see? Have our reviews inspired any of your decisions on what to check out? Do you agree with our reviews? Leave a comment if you have your own opinions about the shows you’ve seen.

If you’re still debating on your next pick, let us help guide you with a few more daily rave highlights.

BikeFace (Trailblazing Ladies)

What it’s about: During the Victorian era bicycle craze, doctors warned women riders they would undoubtedly cultivate “bicycle faces”: becoming over-exerted, wild-eyed, un-sexed vulgarities, when faced with nothing before them but the wide, open road. A hundred years later, the story of BikeFace takes off. It’s a one-woman whirlwind retracing a real-life bicycle adventure across Canada, challenging the outdated gender stereotype. Filled with strange-but-true tales of Wild West proprietors, haunted graveyards, and wanderers with secrets only fit for strangers. BikeFace will tickle your funnybone but, above all else, will ignite your thirst for adventure! (5 STARS -Vue Weekly; 4 STARS -Global News).

Why our reviewer loved it: “[BikeFace is] a show where the audience is engaged and excited, the performer is enthusiastic and charming, and the crowd walks out ready to take on the world.”

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Sara Stahlmer in CompulsionCompulsion (Fenton & White)

What it’s about: From the composer of the Fringe hit The Giant’s Garden and the Dora nominated Top Gun! The Musical comes a dark, fast-paced roller-coaster of a musical that asks, “What happens when life’s decisions take you to the edge?” Compulsion is a look into the darker side of love. Featuring a powerhouse musical theatre cast featuring; Matthew Bradley, Kate Madden, Dale Miller, Michelle Nash, Sara Stahmer and Kristi Woods. Music and Text Direction by Dora nominee Scott White and Movement Direction by Dora nominee Viv Moore. Runner-up for the Paul O’Sullivan Musical Theatre Prize.

Why our reviewer loved it: “The incredible music of Compulsion is complimented by an equally incredible cast. I don’t even think I can single anyone out because each and every cast member brings something special to their performance. These actors are operating at a very high level.”

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D&D Live (Sex T-Rex)

What it’s about: Join a party of award winning comedians in this improvised love-letter to the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Set in a fantasy Toronto, our heroes will have to tackle dangers like the Tomb of Eton or perhaps even a fire-spitting Drake! You may even be called upon to take up the twenty sided Die of Power and roll to determine the resounding successes (or critical failures) of our intrepid adventurers. D&D Live is unscripted adventure comedy at its finest, and a delight for both the uninitiated and epic-level nerds!

Why our reviewer loved it: “D&D fans would be remiss to skip this show. Though a far cry from the actual tabletop experience, Sex T-Rex knows exactly what needs to be done to capture the feeling of D&D–which at its heart, is really about improvising a story. Whether or not the rest of the run will be quite so turbulent, it’s clear that the troupe, and the show, are committed to that purest of alignments.”

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  1. Obsessed with both Honeymoon and Anywhere. Honeymoon, I am afraid, has ruined other one man shows for me, because the performer is that good. Really disagreed with you all on Grade 8…lively performance, but did not always enjoy the singing. However some of her storytelling was touching. Also really liked the creepy Grimm/Brecht feel of Mrs Mama’s House.

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