Mourning After the Night Before – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Mourning After the Night Before at the Toronto Fringe Festival

Two drowned girls, a perilous love triangle, a mother-less child and a child-less mother. Chloë Whitehorn’s new play tackles the rippling impact of loss and the repercussions of drowning in every way a person can drown. Mourning After the Night Before premiered as a one act play at the Alumnae Theatre’s New Ideas Festival last spring where it was praised as “Beautifully and sensitively written, it’s haunting, darkly funny and mysterious.” (Cat McKim, Life With More Cowbell)

“It’s nothing, just a woman drowning.”

After 18 years of raising a child, Lucy (Mary Wall) doesn’t know who she is beyond the identity of “mother” to Pippa (Brianna Riché). When Drew (Dave Martin) moves them to a small coastal town to recover from a tragedy, they meet Everett (Jack Morton) and his “aunt” Fenwick (Loriel Medynski) who are also struggling with the tragic loss of Everett’s mother. There is an instant connection between Everett and both Lucy and Pippa.

“MILF. That’s a compliment right? But a cougar… A predator of male flesh, powerful and hungry. Well, god forbid an older woman appreciates the same embodiment of the male form that she did when she was younger.”

Producing partners Chloë Whitehorn and Cat Ratusny previously brought the BEST OF FRINGE hit Love, Virtually to the Toronto Fringe Festival. A mystery born of the depths of the water and the anguish of mental instability, directed by Heather Keith Mourning After the Night Before is a compelling new work delving into the trauma of suicide and the survival of those left behind.

“Water below and water from above and in the middle, that’s where all life is.”

Trigger warning: suicide and mental health

Mourning After the Night Before @ the Toronto Fringe Festival
Venue #8: Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse
Wednesday July 3 @ 9:45pm Friday July 5 @ 4:15pm Saturday July 6 @ 4:45pm Monday July 8 @ 7:45pm Thursday July 11 @ 2:45pm Saturday July 13 @ 10:15pm Sunday July 14 @ 5:45pm
Media members please note: absolutely no latecomer seating.
Tickets: $11 @ door, $13 in advance 416-966-1062