Palabra Flamenco: Fox Woman – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

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Fox Woman

In association with the Toronto Fringe Festival

Palabra Flamenco presents Fox Woman, a 45-minute depth-charge of flamenco dance and music combined with oral storytelling. When a mysterious and powerful fox woman appears unexpectedly in his hut, a lonely hunter is forced to choose between the wild and the tamed.

Their relationship grows. How to accommodate one another? What do we risk when we accommodate too much? And if violence emerges, do we recognize it? Do we leave? Before the West cultivated hatred of the wild, before today’s ecological crisis, there was a love affair. Flamenco dancer and storyteller Denise Yeo retells this Siberian myth accompanied by her husband, accomplished flamenco guitarist Gareth Owen. With an array of evocative, traditional flamenco dances, Yeo embodies Fox Woman and
the Hunter through hypnotic and improvised movement and rhythm, drenched with the darkest impulses.

Flamenco has its origins around the hearth fire. Known for its contrast of incendiary emotion and control, percussive rhythms, and expansive representations of womanhood that include strength, resiliency, playfulness, mockery, empowerment, and pride, it is uniquely equipped for this story. This is joy tall as the
flame, joy with ash in its teeth.

VENUE Streetcar Crowsnest Studio (345 Carlaw Avenue).

July 3 (6:45pm), July 5 (9:30pm), July 6 (8:30pm), July 7 (3:15pm), July 9 (4:30pm), July 11 (6:00pm), July 13 (1:30pm).

“There’s virtuosity to burn… Let it wash over you.” — The Georgia Straight
“Passionate and desolate … A gift to behold!” — Showbill Canada
“Denise Yeo is a spitfire…” — Janis La Couvée, theatre reviewer
“Gareth Owen plays like he has a hundred fingers…” — The Georgia Straight

TICKETS Tickets are $11. Purchase them online at, by telephone 416-966-1062, or in person at the Fringe Box Office at 275 Bathurst Street (in the Hockey Rink south of Scadding Court) or at the venue one hour prior to performances. Please note there is absolutely no latecomer seating.