Sarah and Lucy – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release:


Thelma and Louise gone funny , except these two have an RV and the only

thing that hangs off a cliff at the end is their friendship

Megan Jeannette Smith–Actor, NYC

Inspired by the acclaimed television series, Trailer Park Boys, Irena takes the two main female characters who normally would be relegated to very minor and uni-dimensional roles and gives them a platform. “ It’s also loosely based on a personal break up with a best friend. “says Irena.

This project started as a suggestion by Irena`s mentor and former New York acting teacher Belinda Mello.“It was disappointing to see two female characters on a successful television series be nothing but arm candy for the boys. This play is a response to that. There is definitely a Me Too feel about it “ says, Belinda. In November 2017 a reading in Manhattan was held under Belinda’s supervision. Belinda has continued to oversee the development of Sarah and Lucy for the 2019 Toronto Fringe productionFuture workshops are set for next fall.

``One thing that surprised me about this project was that I found myself rehearsing the show in my dreams. I never did that before.“- Irena mentions.

This is the first time actors Nicole Fairbairn and Irena Huljak have teamed up. Nicole says “Rehearsals are hilarious. We need to recollect ourselves constantly“. Nicole loves using improvisation in rehearsals. Nicole also has worked on The Trailer Park Boys set. “I didn’t think that would come in so handy later, but has it ever“.

Nicole Fairbairn has appeared in Tower (an official selection at MoMa for new films) Irena Huljak : Toronto Fringe hits such as Ruby Shakespeare Wars, Soccer Shakespeare and her one-woman show to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008.

Company Name: Runnaway Hotel Kollective in association with The Toronto Fringe Festival

Written by Irena Huljak

Cast Nicole Fairbairn and Irena Huljak

Featuring Nicole Fairbairn

Stage Manager and Lighting Milena Fera