The Breath Between (The AMY Project) 2019 SummerWorks Review

Photo of young adult sitting in front of pile of trash, promo photo for The Breath Between

The Breath Between, part of Summerworks 2019, is the result of this year’s AMY Project (Artists Mentoring Youth) Summer Performance Program, the Spring Theatre Creation Program and the Design Mentorship Program. The Theatre Creation program is offered to young women and non-binary youth between 14 and 22 years of age. The Summer Performance Program is offered to youth who have completed the spring program.

The show was created and performed by Jericho Allick, nevada jane arlow, Megan Legesse, Alice Cheng Meiqing, Whitney Nicole Peterkin, Lyla Sherbin, and Fio Yang with additional writing by Taranjot Bamrah, A.C., Daniella Leacock, and Claudia Liz.  All talented, all young.

The play is set in a post-apocalyptic future where people live under a dome because the rest of the earth is uninhabitable. It’s been killed by the carelessness and greed of the population. People can’t go outside of the dome because of the heat. Even going outside of buildings in the dome is hot but bottles of water are for sale at $17 each.

In the middle of the Annual Celebration – the first in 10 years – one of the characters declares “Don’t be Normal” and proceeds to say why they aren’t normal and why they don’t belong. Another says “Go where you’re welcome.” Even under the dome they feel like “The Other”.

As they decide whether to go or stay, and as the play progresses, the characters each tell their stories, sharing memories of their childhoods and things that brought them joy, or sometimes sorrow.

I loved the stories.

I enjoyed The Breath Between although I didn’t connect with it  emotionally the way I did with Lion Womxn, last year’s AMY production. I understood the post-apocalyptic message and appreciated the concern behind it but would have liked more stories and less space travel. Still, it’s worth adding to your list of shows to see at Summerworks.


The Breath Between is playing at The Theatre Centre BMO Incubator (1115 Queen Street West)


  • Thursday August 8th 5:00pm – 6:15pm
  • Saturday August 10th 1:00pm – 2:15pm
  • Monday August 12th 5:00pm – 6:15pm
  • Friday August 16th 6:30pm – 7:45pm
SummerWorks tickets uses a Pay What You Decide system for every show: $15, $25, or $35, whichever suits your budget. All tickets are general admission and there are no limits to any price level.
Advance tickets are available up until 3 hours before show time and can be purchased as follows: Online, using the Buy Ticket link found on every show page; In person at the main SummerWorks Festival Box Office the Theatre Centre (1115 Queen Street West) – open August 8-18 from 12pm-8pm. Tickets purchased in advance are subject to a convenience fee of $2.50/ticket. Any remaining tickets will be made available for sale at the performance venue starting 1 hour before show time. Venue box offices accept cash only.
Money saving passes are available if you are planning on seeing at least 4 shows.
photo by Saba Akhtar