Virtual Shows and Concerts for the Week of April 5, 2020

Virtual Shows that Caught Our Eye This Week

As another week of social distancing starts up, I am definitely starting to feel the cabin fever set in.  And I’m an Introvert, so I’m sure that took longer than for a lot of you! I’m also finding that the amount of screen time that I – and my kids – are getting between work (me), school (them), dance classes and extracurricular activities (all of us) is starting to seem a bit overwhelming.  So this week I am setting a goal of 90 minutes (responsibly!) outside in the fresh air each day.  But that doesn’t mean that I still won’t use my screen time to get my arts fix!

Here at Mooney we are going to continue to do what we can to keep this list updated daily as new events cross our desk to give you all sorts of performance options that you can watch from the comfort of your own home while we all continue to be responsible social distancers. Please keep checking back here on the regular to see if there’s anything new coming up.  See you online!

Converge Against Corona Part One (Convergence Theatre): In Part One of Converge Against Corona, from 10am, Saturday, March 28th, to 10pm, Sunday, March 29th, anyone is welcome to call Converge’s anonymous hotline at (416) 997-7886 or email Participants are asked to become part of The Covid Confessions, leaving messages about how the virus has impacted their lives. Next, a roster of artists from all fields, from visual art to dance, theatre, music, film and more, will each be assigned a confession, and asked to create a response to it by Friday, April 3rd. Since each artist will receive a $50 commission fee for their time, Convergence is also looking for the sponsorship of generous patrons. Each gift of $75 will go to pay an artist, with $25 going to the company to run the project. Each patron “purchases” a piece of art, which will be received between Saturday, April 4th, and Sunday, April 5th. An image or clip of the work will also be featured on Convergence’s website, along with a clip from the original confession.

Improv House Party (Second City): All the Second City’s are coming together (Chicago, Toronto, LA) for Improv House Party. The show will feature teams ( married couples) that are isolated together that will take suggestions online and do their best to put on the best Second City improv set imaginable! This Thursday is a great reason to tune in with Special Guests Colin Mochrie and Deb McGrath. From Toronto we have the Alumni teams of Aurora Browne (Baroness Von Sketch) & Kris Siddiqi ( CBC’s Bit Playas) as well as Paul Bates (CTV’s Dan For Mayor) and Christie Bruce (The Handmaid’s Tale) Hosted by Sandy Jobin Bevans (Host of Just Like Mom & Dad). Thu Apr 9 at 8pm EST.

Living Rooms (TO Live): Living Rooms provides a platform for Toronto local artists to celebrate the neighbourhood they live in and promote their work. TO Live’s curatorial, educational and content teams are currently working together virtually to bring digital experiences to our online members, supporters and art fans providing entertainment and a digital refuge during these challenging times.  Every day, TO Live will feature local artists bringing you an exciting performance from the comfort of their own living rooms!

Mezrab Storytelling Night Online (Amsterdam): We will be doing a
short online version of our two weekly nights. So every Wednesday and Friday we are showing people doing short stories, sometimes music! FREE – Wed & Fri at 3 PM EDT. Watch live here:

The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries (Outside the March). The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries offers a personalized, week-long auditory adventure for yourself or a loved one, made up of a series of short daily phone calls as our intrepid private investigators delve into your very own micro mystery! Performances begin Monday of every week. To book, head to and fill out the form with your contact information and your mystery… a Ministry Concierge will then contact you over the phone to take secure payment and schedule your first telephonic appointment with your Inspector!

Shakesbeers Showdown (Spur of the Moment Shakespeare Collective): Spur of the Moment Shakespeare Collective has moved their Shakesbeers Test Nights online! This is a time to test out  material for their annual Shakesbeers Showdown Fundraiser, play some games, mess up some Shakespeare and have a beer (or a tea or a kombucha! whatever tickles your fancy.) This weeks test night is a special Artistic Director’s edition. Tune in on SOTSMCs facebook live to watch the fun! Tue Apr 7 at 6:15EST

The Social Distancing Festival – a site for celebrating art from all over the world, showcasing amazing talent, and coming together as a community. Information on all events at:

Sunday Night Live ONLINE (The Sketchersons). While our home Comedy Bar is closed, The Sketchersons will continue to bring HOT NEW LIVE sketch comedy to the world wide web every Sunday at 9 PM! Sun Apr 12 9pmEDT: Best of The Sketchersons, as part of #CanadaPerforms (presented by the National Arts Centre); Sun Apr 19 9pm EDT: Hosted by Andrew Johnston; Sun Apr 26 9pmEDT: Hosted by Priyanka Love
Live Streams: Facebook (The Sketchersons); Facebook (Comedy Bar); Twitch
*April 12th ONLY: Facebook (NAC)

Theater On-Call (Dopolavoroteatrale, Toronto ). This project is a collection of short telephone based performances created by guest artists and DLT core members including the company’s leading actors Rory de Brouwer, Danya Buonastella and Vincent Leblanc Beaudoin. The artists invited are asked to create a performance and share a story that they think is pivotal today. The project aims to bring together established and emerging artists, and reaching audiences anywhere anywhere in the world that will be able to connect at the times that the difference performances are scheduled, an opportunity to gather as a community in Canada and globally. See website for shows, dates/times and reservation information.
Project Info

#VirtuallyHowland begins with an online version of The Reading Group on Monday March 30th.
Then, from April 6th– April 10th, viewers can tune in nightly at 8PM to watch Murder at The Winterhouse Theatre, an improvised murder mystery created by me and Liz!  (Entrances and Exits & The Show Show ) and featuring all acting members of The Howland Company plus some exciting guest stars, including Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it Anyway) and Deb McGrath (Little Mosque on the Prairie).
On Instagram at: @thehowlandcompany


TD Forward March Program (Outside the March Theatre). OtM is seeking submissions from playwrights and creators across the country looking to develop original immersive theatrical experiences. To see submission guidelines and a more detailed description of the Forward March Call for Submissions, please visit the Outside The March website:
Submission Deadline: Fri May 15 at 11:59pmEST