In Transit (Von Hunt Productions) 2021 Toronto Fringe Review

Picture of Sydney Keir, Sebastian Hirtenstein and Alayna Kellettin in In Transit

In Transit is a lyrical and affecting contemporary dance performance playing as part of the 2021 Digital Toronto Fringe Festival. Produced by Von Hunt Productions, a dance performance company created by choreographer Alayna Kellett, In Transit uses movement and a vivid soundscape to explore the transitional spaces we occupy in the aftermath of trauma.

In Transit features a cast of seven striking dancers and an evocative, nonlinear storyline. The show moves from memory to memory as the dancers embody the feelings associated with the flashbacks they are recalling. The dancers do this while on transit, adding another layer of movement to the performance. The contemporary dance is emotive and beautifully choreographed and I found myself transported backwards and forwards through time while watching.

While it’s not explicitly clear what occurred, for much of the performance, the dancers are affected by the echoes of trauma. There seems to be reference to sexual assault or abuse, and suicide.  Choreographer Alayna Kellett and Director Roberto Sapienza gave the dancers ample time and space to explore the painful aftermaths of these haunting memories without rushing through them. The movement feels deliberate and eventually, with time, lighter.

Although the performance moves through heavy subject matter, there are expressions of joy and resilience too. Ultimately, In Transit feels like moving through a dark tunnel and eventually finding your way back into the sunlight, again. It feels particularly resonant right now, in the midst of this pandemic.


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  • Content Warnings: References to abuse and suicide and sexual content. Recommended for ages 14+.
Photo of Sydney Keir, Sebastian Hirtenstein and Alayna Kellett by Steven Dirckze.