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Adelina has enjoyed theatre from an early age when one of her elementary teachers cast her in school play. That was the beginning of Adelina's passion for theatre. She then pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dramatic Arts followed by a Bachelor of Education degree. She continues to be actively involved in community theatre, dance and loves to put on productions with her students! As a writer for Mooney on Theatre, Adelina feels she is very fortunate to go out and see fellow performers on stage as their work continues to inspire her.

Review: Angel City (Alec Toller/Circlesnake/The Playwright Project)

Angel City, part of Toronto’s Playwright Project, uses theatre to criticize the Hollywood movie scene

The Playwright Project, first initiated just last year in 2012, as The Tennessee Project, highlights a prolific playwright by featuring a variety of his or her one act plays. Within seven nights, seven theatre companies perform in seven diverse communities across Toronto. It’s a brilliant concept, making neighbourhoods more acquainted with a prominent playwright, while being affordable and accessible at the same time.

Now in its second year, The Playwright Project presents one act plays by the 20th century American playwright, actor and director, Sam Shepard. His plays tend to be rather unconventional, characterized by non-linear storytelling, existential and surrealist in nature. Angel City, directed by Alec Toller very much embodies Shepard’s formula.

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Review: Villanelle and S (Compagnie Flak)


Breathtaking contemporary dance from Montreal at Toronto’s Danceworks

It was a transformative evening at the opening of renowned Montreal’s Compagnie Flak’s premiere of Villanelle and S. Once again, Danceworks, Toronto’s contemporary dance series showcases a masterpiece at the Fleck Dance theatre.

Compagnie Flak’s simple dance piece is sleek, pristine and utterly breathtaking. A dichotomy of movement, Villanelle and S combine grace and power with the beloved works of Antonio Vivaldi’s musical score. Continue reading Review: Villanelle and S (Compagnie Flak)

Review: La Ronde (Soulpepper Theatre Company)

Soulpepper, La Ronde

Soulpepper Theatre Company breathes bold and engaging life into their production of La Ronde in Toronto

My experience at this evening’s opening of La Ronde by Soulpepper at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts Theatre in Toronto`s Distillery Historic District definitely challenged any preconceived notions I had of Soulpepper’s usual mainstream productions. It is raw, provocative, shocking, stimulating and maybe at times, even jaw- dropping. Although there is no lack of sexual exposure in today’s world, seeing such content live, up- close and personal, is still surprising, which is what I’m sure was intended. Continue reading Review: La Ronde (Soulpepper Theatre Company)

Review: Sem Mim & Ímã (Grupo Corpo/Harbourfront Centre World Stage)

Harbourfront Centre in Toronto plays host to a dance production full of fervour and playfulness

I don’t even know where to begin with this piece. I’m always impressed with the Harbourfront Centre World Stage series, but I have to say the productions are getting more innovative with each passing year.

Last night’s production of Sem Mim & Ímã performed at the Fleck dance theatre at the Harbourfront Centre is in a category of its own! Travelling all the way from Brazil, Grupo Corpo, translated to “Body Group” in English, is a phenomenal world-renowned company founded in 1975 by a clearly creative genius, Paulo Pederneiras. Continue reading Review: Sem Mim & Ímã (Grupo Corpo/Harbourfront Centre World Stage)

Review: Actors! Canadian Actors Up Close and Personal (The Cheshire Unicorn Theatre Co.)

Get up close and intimate with two Toronto actors in a candid Q&A on stage at the Winchester Kitchen

I went into this show not really knowing what to expect, given the title and all. Moreover, the show had labelled itself, “part panel discussion, part scripted performance”. I love improvisation and find an actor’s ability to candidly respond to the unexpected, amusing and impressive. Apparently, the actors and I were in the same boat!

This type of alternative and original theatre is quite common for The Cheshire Unicorn Theatre Company, which prides itself on producing theatre that is out of the ordinary.  It is exactly the strong and brilliant concept of Actors! Canadian Actors Up Close and Personal  that gives this company its edge.  Continue reading Review: Actors! Canadian Actors Up Close and Personal (The Cheshire Unicorn Theatre Co.)