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Review: Piya Behrupiya (Twelfth Night) (The Company Theatre)


Shakespeare classic gets a Diwali-themed makeover in Piya Behrupiya, on stage in Toronto

I arrived at the Yonge Centre for the Performing Arts to see The Company Theatre’s production of Piya Behrupiya (Twelfth Night) on a dark, cold, and gloomy evening. But once I was inside, I was surrounded by colour, warmth, and joy.

Piya Behrupiya is being co-produced by Why Not Theatre and Soulpepper in celebration of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, and it certainly brightened my day.  Continue reading Review: Piya Behrupiya (Twelfth Night) (The Company Theatre)

Review: The (Post) Mistress (Théâtre Français de Toronto/Pleiades Theatre)

Photo of Patricia Cano and Tomson HighwayThe (Post) Mistress, at the Berkeley Theatre in Toronto, is presented in English, French, and Cree

The (Post) Mistress, currently being co-produced by Théâtre Français de Toronto and Pleiades Theatre at the Berkeley Street Theatre, is a one-woman musical set in a post office. I usually think of the post office as a boring place with long lines. Not where you’d want to spend a lot of time. But this post office, created by First Nations’ playwright Tomson Highway, is different and is filled with laughter, tears, and music. Continue reading Review: The (Post) Mistress (Théâtre Français de Toronto/Pleiades Theatre)

Review: The Stranger (DopoLavoroTeatrale)

the_stranger-1The Stranger is a wholly unique, one-on-one theatre experience in the Toronto area

Do you ever wonder about that person who just passed you on the street? What’s her story?  Do you ever eavesdrop on her conversation? Do you ever follow her? Do you ever say something? Do you wish you could? The Stranger (DopoLavoroTeatrale) is a one-on-one immersive and interactive experience that allows and encourages you to do all those things.

It’s also a very hard piece to write about without giving too much away. So I’ll start by saying that it was one of the coolest and most exciting pieces of theatre I’ve seen this year. I highly recommend it. Continue reading Review: The Stranger (DopoLavoroTeatrale)

Review: We Keep Coming Back (Ashkenaz Festival)

We_Keep_Coming_BackA multimedia theatre piece explores identity, loss, and family trauma at Toronto’s Ashkenaz Festival

We Keep Coming Back, a multi-media theatre piece, had its Canadian premiere as part of Ashkenaz, the biennial festival of Jewish music and culture held at Harbourfront Centre. While the play depicts a very personal journey, it explores universal themes of identity, loss, and family trauma.
Continue reading Review: We Keep Coming Back (Ashkenaz Festival)

Review: Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare in the Ruff)

Romeo_and_Juliet 2Shakespeare in the Ruff presents Romeo and Juliet in Toronto’s Withrow Park

I love outdoor theatre. And Toronto is fortunate to have several companies offering quality productions every summer.  Shakespeare in the Ruff is currently presenting Romeo and Juliet in Withrow Park.  Although it may not be as established as the productions in High Park, it is worth planning a trip to the east side to see it.

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