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Boys Under the Big Top – Boylesque TO

By Leif Conti-Groome

BoylesqueTO are out to carve their own niche in the burlesque scene.  ‘Boylesque’ is a lazy combination of words that vaguely defines a sub-genre of burlesque.   The vagueness comes partly from its newness and rarity.  But, last Sunday night at Revival, during Boys Under the Big Top, BoylesqueTO were met by raucous praise from the audience.

As soon as the theatre came into view I knew it wasn’t going to be a usual night.  I  saw two men dressed as old-time carnies hoisting up a cotton candy machine, while another fellow was wearing a giraffe head with a marvelously long neck.

Inside, the bar was dressed with silk ribbons and balloons. The aforementioned carnies walked around selling pasties and candy apples, heightening the theme du jour. A fire performer named PyRomeo lit up the night sky (and almost a tree) during the intermission.

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The Long, Hot Summer: A '60s Cabaret- Les Coquettes Nouveau Burlesque

By Leif Conti-Groome

Having not been born in the 60’s, it can be hard for me to follow a conversation between two hippies (not that I get caught in that situation often). But after watching Les Coquettes present The Long, Hot Summer: A ’60s Cabaret, I was taken back to those rebellious days. With some sensuous displays of free love, lava lamp styled lighting and an abundance of peace gestures (I’m not kidding here) this show really captured the essence of a decade, great music and all.

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