A question to Toronto theatre folks – does the TIFF do anything for you?

by Megan Mooney

I often find that when people find out that I’m a theatre chick they assume I must also be a film fanatic.  So, when the Toronto International Film Festival rolls around people are often asking me what I think of movies, or what movies I’m going to and on and on.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a flick as much as the next person, but I’m more in line with your average Sam on the movie front.  Recently I’ve seen Dark Knight and The Mummy 3.  Not what you’d call highly intellectual fodder or cinematic genius.  But fun, undeniably fun.

So, now my question…

To other theatre folks (people in the theatre industry, or just people who love the theatre) – do your non-theatre friends or acquaintances ask you about the TIFF, what you’ve seen, what they should see, stuff like that?

I just find this idea of if you are into theatre you must be into film, because, I’m pretty sure that people who are into film don’t get asked about theatre very often.

Also, hey, what should I go see at the TIFF.  :P