The Toronto theatre 2008-2009 season begins…

Don’t get me wrong, there is theatre all year ’round in this city.  But September marks the beginning of there always being lots of theatre options in the city.

Lots of stuff is opening up.  For instance…

Tonight I’m going to the opening of the Theatre Smash production Norway.Today

Next week, it’s the opening of Obsidian’s production(s) Late and Black Medea

I got a ‘save-the-date’ note from Theatre Recap for Witch Hazel: The Tale of Two Wise Women for September 19th – No website yet, but they do have a Facebook group.

One Woman Show is being remounted and runs September 11th to 14th at Diesel Playhouse 

Scorched has been showing at Tarragon since September 2

Buddies in Bad Times kicks things off September 23rd with AGOKWE

And, not that they stopped at all in the summer, Soulpepper also has two shows on right now – Black Comedy + The Real Inspector Hound, and Ring Around the Moon

Theatre Passe Murialle, Factory Theatre, Nightwood, and Canstage are all waiting until the beginning of October to launch their seasons.

I’m betting that there are other shows opening up from smaller companies that I haven’t heard about yet, so if you know of something, leave a note in the comments so that folks know it’s happening.