It kind of feels like Harper hates the arts…

by Megan Mooney

First – my bleedin’ sight has been down all day, wow, that’s annoying.  grrr.  And now:


J. Kelly Nestruck has quoted Harper in an entry today, and all I can say is “HERE HERE! J. Kelly, here here.”


In the arts-bashing quote he talks about ‘normal people’ sitting down to watch television.  Um…  Now, I realise some people will argue this point, but, isn’t television a part of the arts?  And, um, isn’t it subsidised? 

This whole thing makes me want to pick up my laptop and throw it through the window.  Then I realise that my laptop isn’t the one that wronged me, so I want to pick up Harper and throw him through the window. 

I wish there was some magic way to make people understand how much the arts are in their life.  Just look at popular culture, where do they think that shit comes from?!?!?!  I mean, Flashpoint may not be an ‘artsy’ show, but it’s still an example of the arts in Canada, and people love it.  Do they think that stuff comes out of thin air?  The people who work on that show worked their way there, they probably did ‘artsy’ stuff before working there, and that ‘artsy’ stuff has probably influenced them in a way that makes that show something people like.

I mean, if people aren’t willing to look at the arts on their own and say they’re for elitists, then why don’t they look at the base of the stuff they enjoy, the radio shows, the music, the television shows, the movies, hell, the video games.  It’s all part of the arts.

Okay, I’m going to stop writing so that I don’t grit my teeth anymore, I’m afraid of permanent jaw-damage.  But yeah, Harper is really really really not making me happy.