Free theatre – now that's a good idea…

Hey, so, here’s hoping that hell will freeze over and Harper will decide to do a similar initiative in Canada…


Excerpt from a CBC article about free theatre for youth in England:

“A young person attending the theatre can find it an exhilarating experience, and be inspired to explore new horizons. But sometimes people miss out on it because they fear it’s ‘not for them.’ It’s time to change this perception,” Burnham said in a statement.

A certain number of seats at each theatre will be set aside for the under-26 theatre-goers, one night each week. The goal is to provide one million free tickets over two years.

England’s Arts Council is spending £2.5 million (about $4.6 million Cdn) to implement the program over two years, with the individual theatres (including the Young Vic, the National Theatre and the Birmingham Repertory) to handle the details of ticket distribution.


Tip o’ the hat to Sam (aka mum) for this one.