Someone to Watch Over Me – review published on blogTO

I have posted a review of Someone to Watch Over Me at blogTO.  Head on over and take a gander.

A quick snippet:

Mark, it would seem, hates this kind of play. There is no plot to speak of, and you know it’s not going to end well, and, perhaps, not end at all. He said that it felt like he was sitting through yet another retelling of Waiting for Godot. If he’s going to watch a play about the human soul then he’d like to see it tell him something new, and he didn’t feel like this one did.

Here’s the thing, he’s right on all those points, but they don’t bother me at all. I’m just fine with those things if the production is good, and the introspective exploration is done in an interesting way. I don’t have a need for it to be new information.

I was just fine watching the characters banter, fight and play back and forth while chained to the wall. The set didn’t change through out the piece, and there were limited movement opportunities for the actors, given the (admittedly long) chains attaching them to the walls of their cell. This really is a play about the script. So I can completely understand not particularly enjoying the production if the script was the type of thing you weren’t enamoured with.

It’s only on for a couple more days, if you have time I recommend checking it out (but Mark does not.  *grin*)