I haven't forgotten you, I promise…

Clearly I have been woefully neglecting Mooney on Theatre of late.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that is likely to change.

I am basically going to be giving birth any day now, and have not been able to go to a show in quite some time, and quite frankly, can’t imagine that having a newborn is going to allow much time for such things either.

However, I do have my trusty band of writers who are going to start going to shows again, so there will in fact be content again.  Rejoice!

And, on that note, if you know of someone who would like to write about theatre, send them my way.  I’m interviewing new writers.  Best bet is to send me an email at megan@mooneyontheatre.com.  I will outline the details of what I expect, and I’ll ask for a writing sample, but they can wait until they figure out if they’d actually enjoy working with me before they figure out what writing to send.

So, hopefully in a couple months I’ll be able to see a few shows and get back into the theatre scene, but in the meantime I hope my writers will keep you entertained and informed.