And back to CanStage…

As you may remember, there was some blog back-and-forthing about CanStage a while ago.

Well, looks like Richard Ouzounian is adding his voice to the chorus.

Ouzounian seems to think we’re not talking about it, which may be true in a bigger context, but it has been talked about, maybe he just means it’s not being talked about by the right people?  In the article he says:

Yet what really makes this behemoth the elephant in the room is that everybody knows it’s there, taking up space and money, but no one wants to discuss its failure to live up to Toronto’s expectations.


For the history, and some of the recent discussion, in case you missed it the first time around:

J. Kelly asks the questions here first in August, then continues in this series of posts.

Then I wrote about it here.

Anyone else have any discussions they’d like to tell me about so I can add them to the pile?

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  1. Hey Megan,

    I haven’t written anything re: CanStage on the blog but I was interviewed by one of the search team so that they could get my thoughts on the whole deal. And while I was encouraged to vent if I wanted I got onto another track which to my mind has not been discussed. Yes the artistic leadership is hugely important but I fear that CanStage has been hollowed out administratively. What with cut backs, layoffs and attrition the company has been left with too few key people in too many departments.
    So yes, while the new visionary will have their hands full with the artistic choices I believe that the first point will have to be re-building the administrative side so that there will be an efficient machine to carry the vision forth.


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