Toronto Fringe Review: My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish-Wiccan Wedding

By Sam Mooney

Go see My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish-Wiccan Wedding playing at Bread and Circuses.  It’s fabulous.  Don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what people were saying as they left the show today –

“That was fabulous”
“Best thing I’ve seen in years”
“This is going to be sold out”
“Great show! It’s going places”

Every once in a while you see a show that’s so amazing that you want to grab people on the street and tell them to go and see it.  I didn’t do that but I did chase David Hein – one of the writers and performers – to his car to tell him how much I loved it.  I never do stuff like that.

My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish-Wiccan Wedding is a musical based on a true story.  It’s by husband and wife team David Hein and Irene Carl. They both perform in the show and get to marry each other every day.

The performances were all terrific.  The very talented cast – David Hein, Irene Carl, Lisa Horner, Rosemary Doyle, Jackie English, Robert B. Kennedy, and Kyle Orzech worked seamlessly together and seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Kudos to director Andrew Lamb. The audience certainly were having a great time.  We laughed, we cried.  Really.  I wasn’t the only person surreptitiously wiping my eyes from time to time.  The women on either side of me were too and I distinctly heard a couple of masculine harrumphs, the male throat-clearing equivalent of female tears.

It was funny, touching, the performances were wonderful and the music was live – David Hein, Sarah Calvert, Jeff Daze, and David Pontello.  It’s going to go places.  See it now so you can say “Oh yes, it is terrific isn’t it?  I saw it at Toronto Fringe.”


Director: Andrew Lamb
Cast: Irene Carl, Rosemary Doyle, Jackie English, David Hein, Lisa Horner, Robert Kennedy, Kyle Orzech Band: Sarah Calvert, Jeff Daze, David Pontello
Audience: General Audience
60 min.

– My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish-Wiccan Wedding is playing at Bread & Circus, 229 Augusta Ave

Fri, July 3 6:30 PM
Sat, July 4 8:15 PM
Sun, July 5 4:30 PM
Tue, July 7 6:30 PM
Wed, July 8 8:15 PM
Thu, July 9 8:15 PM
Fri, July 10 4:30 PM
Sat, July 11 6:30 PM
Sun, July 12 2:00 PM

– All individual Fringe tickets are $10 at the door (cash only), or with interac and credit at the advance ticket box office at the Fringe Club (292 Brunswick Ave)

– Advance tickets are available by phone (416-966-1062) or at , there is a $2 service charge for these

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