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So, Fringe reviews are rolling in at EYE weekly (man, I’d love to have that many people to write for me…) and one of the few shows getting a five star review is Afterlife.

Lucky for you we have a couple tickets to give away to you for free.

These are two tickets to the Friday July 3nd performance, at 2:00pm of Afterlife at the Glen Morris Theatre

To enter the contest, just leave a comment*  by 11am on Friday

More information on the show

a one woman play

New York-based theatre company SunsetGun Productions presents the Toronto premiere of their award-winning drama AfterLife in conjunction with the 21st annual Toronto Fringe Festival.  Performances will take place at the Glen Morris Theatre, 4 Glen Morris Street, beginning July 1 and running until July 10, 2009.  All tickets $10.

AfterLife is a dramatic, yet darkly funny take on the evolution of women in modern society told through a ‘karmic lens’.  The story is told by dropping in on a significant day in the life of three different women in three very different eras of time. Ruth, a 1928 Appalachian midwife, would kill for a family. Marion, a 1950’s homemaker, needs to discover her true yogic nature. And Karma, a slowly unraveling film producer, would settle for a bit of sanity. What do these three seemingly disconnected women have in common? Nothing…and everything. As we move through these three vastly different incarnations, it becomes apparent that we are not only on a journey through one soul’s search for ultimate happiness, but through a brief journey of all women. AfterLife begs us to question just how many of Ruth, Marion, and Karma’s choices are dictated by their own free will and prejudices? How much of their lives are haunted by pre-existing karmic baggage? What portions of these decisions are decided by societal constraints imposed on them as women during their time period?

*****WINNER BEST FEMALE PERFORMER, 2008 Victoria Fringe*****
*****BEST ENGLISH PRODUCTION FINALIST, 2009 Montreal Fringe*****
*****#1 MUST SEE FRINGE SHOW, Montreal Gazette*****

"Candy Simmons is superb in AfterLife. Every once in a while at the Montreal Fringe Festival, you experience a theatrical moment that takes your breath away.
AfterLife has that effect." — Montreal Gazette
"The three characters are devastatingly well-drawn and they evolve in unexpected directions, exploding out of stereotypes like shedding a dress.  An absolute must see show." — FIVE STARS, Victoria’s Monday Magazine

Ticketing information available at:

Venue #12: Glen Morris Theatre

Wednesday, July 1 @ 7:00pm
Friday, July 3 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, July 4 @ 10:00pm
Tuesday, July 7 @ 10:30pm
Wednesday, July 8 @ 3:30pm
Thursday, July 9 @ 6:30pm
Friday, July 10 @ 5:30 pm

More info, video clips and reviews available at:

7 thoughts on “Win Free 2009 Toronto Fringe Tickets: Afterlife”

  1. I met the director of this, and can’t wait to see it. Sounds fantastic!
    I’d love to have a chance at an Afterlife ticket, too!

  2. Yep, ticket for today – Brian, as long as you can make it, the ticket is yours!

    Sorry for the delay on this, technical difficulties at good ol’ Mooney on Theatre…

  3. Thanks for the tickets. We enjoyed the show. It was a solo show by Candy Simmons, consisting of 3 – just a little linked – presentations/monologues. The artist (excellent)was better than the script. Overall, 4 stars (out of 5).

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