Fringe for Free – Nana, Friday at 11:30pm

contest-web-graphic I haven’t had a chance to see this one, but I’m pretty interested in it.  It kind of got panned in EYE, but several enthusiastic commenters explained just how much they disagreed with the reviewer and encouraged folks to go check it out.  That always makes something more intriguing to me, and I really do hope I get a chance to go see it.

Luckily, you folks get the chance to do so for free. 

To win a pair of free tickets to tonight’s 11:30pm showing of Nana all you need to do is leave a comment* sometime before 9:30pm today (Friday) .

More information about the show:

synnerz ’n Saints ink presents

NANA – Gramma baby-sits for the first time…. is this Really a good idea?

Nana (high heels and tight waist) spills irreverent views freely with her cocktail. She may be wicked with her wit, but this modern Nana’s yanked the chain of the repressed women of her lineage.

NANA tackles sex and generational damage with edgy humour and shocking honesty. And then there’s hope.

Written and performed by Judith Cockman, whose work has inspired animated response amongst audience members in both Toronto and Los Angeles.

Directed by Raymond O’Neill, recipient of the 2002 Tyrone Guthrie Award. Mr. O’Neill has acted in over 25 plays for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and compiled and directed Stratford’s 2004 production "Ruth Draper on Tour" starring Lally Cadeau.

Nana is synnerz ’n Saints ink fourth Fringe production:
“Ok God, Get Off the Pot” 1994
“Under Our Wild Sky, We Hatched” 2004
“Rich White Bitch” 2005

Wednesday       July 1               8:45 pm
Saturday           July 4               2:15 pm
Sunday             July 5               9:15 pm
Monday           July 6               3:00 pm
Friday              July 10             11:30 pm
Saturday           July 11             noon
Sunday             July 12             9:00 pm

Fringe Hotline (416.966.1062)

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