"The Weeping Salsa" Contest for Two Free Tickets!

contestwebgraphicgenericCongratulations to Kate Daly who is this weeks contest winner!!

Kate and a lucky guest will be going to see tomorrows performance of  Zocalo Toronto’s  “The Weeping Salsa” by Vladimir Jon Cubrt. For your chance to win tickets to some of Toronto’s amazing theatre all you need to do is be the lucky 13th person to contact us at contests@mooneyontheatre.com quoting the weeks contest subject line. Check back Monday to find out what’s in store.

Also you can catch “The Weeping Salsa” Tuesday through Sunday at The Theatre Centre at 7:30, Sunday Matinee at 2:00 pm November 22nd and November 29th. Tickets are just $20 and the Sunday Matinee is PWYC (Pay What You Can). For ticket information visit Zocalo Toronto, or to learn more about this fantastic play read details from the press release below.

Good Luck!


From press release

TORONTO, September 10, 2009- Zocalo Toronto presents the world

premiere of a dynamic new multi-disciplinary stage production that

fuses traditional drama with contemporary and Latin-style partnered

dancing. Written by Zocalo Toronto’s Artistic Director Vladimir Jon

Cubrt, and co-directed by Cubrt and Taylor Graham, The Weeping Salsa

is a lyrical tragedy in two acts that tells a story about eros – love

that is passionate, physical and urgent; about power – subjugating

one’s self for the sake of the partnership; and about finding the

strength to stand alone. The Weeping Salsa previews from November 13,

opens November 15 and runs to November 29 at The Theatre Centre.

The Weeping Salsa explores the relationship of Danny and Adele

(performed by Cubrt and Donna Christo), a pair of star-crossed lovers

whose lives are inextricably tied together well after their love

affair has ended. We first meet them in dark circumstances where

Danny drugs Adele and takes her back to his apartment after having

not seen her for many years. We meet them again, eight years earlier,

during the last days of their relationship while they are having a

final impromptu rehearsal on the day of their big performance at the

Canada Salsa Congress.

Using dance to explore the timbres of their relationship, The Weeping

Salsa deals with themes of sensuality, emotional dependency, and the

delicate balance of power in relationships.

ZOCALO TORONTO presents the World Premiere of

The Weeping Salsa

Written by Vladimir Jon Cubrt

Directed by Vladimir Jon Cubrt and Taylor Graham

Choreographed by Caryl Cuizon and Angus Dirnbeck

Stage Managed by Diego Rupolo

Featuring Donna Christo and Vladimir Jon Cubrt

Opens Sunday November 15 and runs to November 29 (previews from November 13)

Tuesday-Sunday at 7:30PM, Sunday Matinees at 2PM on November 22 & November 29

The Theatre Centre, 1087 Queen St. West

Tickets: Regular Evenings $20; Previews & Sunday matinees Nov. 22 &


For tickets and information, visit www.zocalotoronto.com or call 416 538 0988.

Do you have plans for Thursday? Enter this weeks contest for the chance to win two free tickets!