Next Stage Festival – Like Father Like Son? Sorry – Chris Gibbs

By Sam Mooney

Chris Gibbs - Like Father Like Son? Sorry

How is it that I’ve never seen Chris Gibbs until now?  He’s very funny, a bit weird, definitely quirky, and incredibly entertaining. 

His show – Like Father Like Son? Sorry – is part of the Next Stage Festival running until January 17th. 

According to the blurb Like Father Like Son? Sorry “… playfully explores the fears, worries and surprises of being a new father, and the absolute terror of wanting to be a good one.” But this one-man show (it says “one-man show creator” in the blurb so I figure I can say it here,) is about so much more than fatherhood. 

The show opens with Chris channelling Marlon Brando as Jor-El – Superman’s father.  He comes back to Superman and other super heroes at various points in the 95 minute show.  Some of his lines are almost throw-aways, if you aren’t paying attention they’re gone and you find yourself thinking, “Wait!  I missed that.  Go back!”

Digressions lead to asides, and then back to Superman, on to childbirth, off to a funeral, back to being a father, and back; and it’s all hysterically funny.

If you missed it at Fringe 2009 go and see Like Father Like Son? Sorry. at the Next Stage Festival.  You will laugh.  I guarantee it.


Like Father Like Son? Sorry is playing as part of the Next Stage Theatre Festival until January 17at the Factory Theatre (125 Bathurst St., Toronto)


Tuesday, Jan 12 6:45
Wednesday, Jan 13 6:15
Thursday, Jan 14 7:00
Saturday, Jan 16 9:00
Sunday, Jan 17 5:00

Tickets are available at the box office or online.