A Rush of Blood to the Head (WatersEdgeProductions) – 2010 Fringe Review

By Ryan Kerr

Spencer Smith’s A Rush of Blood to the Head is a coming of age story set in Mississauga which incorporates moments of comedy, drama, and after-school-special-style teachables.

The story begins as the protagonist, Christopher, turns ten, with his younger brother, best friend, and mom by his side.  Something about the blood-splattered set, exclusively red props, and ominous thunder-like music during each scene change indicated that something would eventually turn sour, and as a result I was apprehensive most of the play.

I was temporarily relieved, however, by the comedy in the Mother character.  Sometimes when she spoke to her children about the values of being a good person, she was even underscored by canned piano music.  She also liked breaking tension even in tender moments by whipping out vulgar colloquialisms, like “It’s not easy to pop out two strong, honest boys”.  She had some good one liners as well.

There were also some nice scenes – particularly when the protagonist and his new girlfriend had sex for the first time.  It was so authentically awkward, but not too much to be silly.

Bonus – air conditioned venue


A Rush of Blood to the Head is playing at Royal St. George’s Auditorium, 120 Howland Avenue (North of Bloor)

60 min.
Thu, July 1 6:30 PM – Sat, July 3 2:15 PM – Sun, July 4 7:30 PM – 
Mon, July 5 5:15 PM – Wed, July 7 9:30 PM – Thu, July 8 Noon – 
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