Gravestone Posse – Toronto Fringe 2011 Press Release

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Gravestone Posse: The Golden Age of Radio, Live at the Toronto Fringe!

Long before there was television or cheap travel, there was radio. Families gathered in their living rooms to listen to such classicserial dramas as The Shadow, The Witch’s Tale and The Whistler.

The Canadian Space Opera Company, with the help of U of T campus radio station CIUT, now brings these bygone daysof radio back to life with Gravestone Posse, an episode of the long lost radio horror serial Out Of The Closet. This stagedradio drama is a warm comic homage to those old-time radio shows that your parents or grandparents knew and loved.

In this episode, James “Blasting” Pitt, the most feared gunslinger north of the Rio Grande and south of the Simon Fraser, is tiredof all the violence and bloodshed. He dreams of settling down with a wife, a family, and the Sears Roebuck catalogue. Little doeshe know that his restless undead victims are crawling out of their graves, bent on seeking revenge… Sponsored by Colonel Mills,makers of slightly above average food and household cleaning products.

Gravestone Posse is written and performed by the Canadian Space Opera Company (CSpOC). Founded in 2004, CSpOCspecializes in original, genre-related comedy scripts. Their production of Casa de los Fantasmas at the 2008 Toronto FringeFestival garnered both rave reviews (4-stars, EYE Weekly) and sold out houses.

The Canadian Space Opera Company currently consists of 12 veterans of the Toronto comedy scene: Nike Abbott, Sam Agro, DonBerns, Paul Koster, Jorge Moreira, Rhonda Riche, Jeff B. Santos, Tracy Shea-Porter, Dave Till, Scott Watkins, Cary West, and MalloryWilliams. CSpOC members are associated with, or are alumni of, Theatresports Toronto, Second City, Asiansploitation,The Bad Dog Theatre, The Black Swan, The Chumps, Dangerous Poultry, Main Event Improv, NeilMuscott’s Comedy Debate, The Theatre Resource Centre, and many more.

For more information on the Canadian Space Opera Company, see our website at, or email us at

Gravestone Posse

Part of the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival

Runs July 6th to July 15th

Wednesday, July 6, 8pm

Sunday, July 10, 8pm

Saturday, July 16, 1pm

Thursday, July 7, 8 pm

Wednesday, July 13, 8pm

Sunday, July 17, 8pm

Friday, July 8, 1pm

Thursday, July 14, 8pm

Saturday, July 9, 1pm

Friday, July 15, 8pm

Venue #22

Hart House, Map Room

7 Hart House Circle

University of Toronto

Tickets $10.00

Advance tickets available at the Fringe Box Office until day of the showTickets on sale at CIUT starting one hour before show timeLatecomers not admitted!

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