Patron’s Picks for 2011 Toronto Fringe Fest – get tickets to those shows that kept selling out!

Each of the festival’s 13 main venues has a Patron’s Pick.  It is determined by the show that sells the most tickets to their show over the course of the festival.  Unlike during the rest of the festival, where only 50% of the tickets are available for advance sale, For the Patron’s Pick, 100% of tickets can be sold in advance, so make sure to buy your tickets early.  They’re on sale now, and you buy them just like any other advance tickets at the Fringe.

All the patron’s picks are Sunday evening, a listing of the time in each venue is in bold in the Sunday section of the Master Schedule.

See below for a listing of all the patron’s picks:

So, if you missed any of these because they were sold out before, now’s your chance, get an advanced ticket to Sunday night!