Trotsky & Hutch: On Patrol (Impatient Theatre Co.) 2011 Toronto Fringe Review

Trotsky & Hutch: On Patrol did for comedy what real cops do on every shift. They accomplish the near-impossible. Trotsky & Hutch did it at Tarragon Theatre Extra Space. Real cops do it everywhere, all the time, all over the civilized world.

I’m not a fan of improv. For me it seems like a combination of old-school televised wrestling and cheap magic tricks. I’m more interested in watching Three-card Monte with my cuz in Times Square.

So with that mindset, Kevin Patrick Robbins (KPR) and Sean Tabares had what one would think a tough sale winning me over.  But win me over they did!

These two men blew me away. I was laughing loudly early and laughing often.

There is a great chemistry between KPR and Tabares. They seem to genuinely like each other, and they pick up each other’s nuances like a pitcher and catcher working together at Game 7 of The World Series.

It IS improv, so the play changes to a certain degree every night. What remains the same is KPR and Tabares as cops in a squad car. I’m sure another constant is hilarity. They work great together.

On my visit, the themes taken from the audience were scientology and prostitution. This would suggest a cameo appearance by Nicole Kidman, but no such luck.

Trotsky & Hutch is a LOT of fun. I poke fun at improv, and we all tell jokes about cops at donut shops. We complain a lot. We don’t recognize the skill and hard work that goes into these services. We need to recognize good work too.

I thank KPR and Sean Tabares for making me laugh for an hour or so and coming out of the theatre a better person than I was going in.


Trotsky & Hutch: On Patrol is playing at Tarragon Theatre Extra Space

Warning: Mature Language

Sat, July 16 5:15 PM
Sun, July 17 1:45 PM

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photo of KPR and Sean Tabares

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