Review: Convergence (Pivotal Motion Dance Theatre)

Convergence at the Winchester Street Theatre is an interesting show with eight different dance sequences. Since working for Mooney on Theatre I have seen many dance shows and have grown to really appreciate great dance performances. Even though I could not relate to the subject matter, I was certainly able to appreciate the talented dancers and choreographers that brought this show together.

In regards to the content of the show, I feel it lacks cohesion as the ‘acts’ are unrelated. I would have been better prepared for what was to commence if the performances were not described as acts of one show. Each  performance is tremendous at conveying what it aims to. For this reason, the hour long show with a 15 minute intermission flies by.

The objective of Pivotal Motion Dance Theatre is to break down the barriers between young dancers and professionals in the industry. This is a tremendous feat as it not only allows for the young dancers to learn from the professionals first hand, but also allows for the professionals to consider a youth perspective to dance.

There were some absolutely phenomenal dancers throughout the night. There was a great understanding of movement and rhythm, as well as an understanding of how to use their bodies to accomplish it. The choreographers also did an exceptional job at bringing these young dancers to their fullest potential. There is amazing stage presence during solo performances as well as accurate timing during synchronized dance sequences. What I imagine to be one of the most difficult things in dance – dancing with no music – was also achieved successfully and demonstrated the talents.

As a young adult, I would say the show wasn’t catered to my demographic, but it definitely seemed like the younger audience was enjoying themselves thoroughly, as well as the adults who accompanied them. I would recommend this show to an individual who can relate to children or teenager demographics’ – and especially those interested in dance.

Convergence played at the Winchester Street Theatre from December 16 to 18, 2011.