Speare – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

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“Move over Avengers – Make way for Shakespeare’s Team”

(TORONTO, ON – June 1, 2012) Bear Productions is proud to present the premiere production of the dark comedy Speare, written and directed by Brian Kennington (George and Gracie, The Dream), playing at the Factory Theatre Mainspace from July 6th to 14th at the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival.   Press opening – Friday, July 6th at 8:45 pm.

Featuring a cast of Toronto actors including:  Edward Kennington (Dark Water), Roger McKeen (Tamara), Ryan McKeen (The Dream), Brendan Shoreman (Misprint), Gehan Kolamba Tantrege (Like An Old Tale), Sarah White (The Border) and Maya Woloszyn (The Dream).

Speare is a dark comedy where Shakespeare’s characters unite in a game of treachery, revenge and murder.   The play is presented in two parts, each part being a 60 minute story unto itself; however, seeing both gives you the full sweeping saga.   Conceived as a series for stage and television, Speare will intrigue the viewer.

Macbeth has murdered King Duncan and seized the throne of Scotland.  Duncan’s son, Prince Malcolm, flees to England, seeking an army to recapture the throne.  From King Lear of England, Malcolm is granted a small army, but Malcolm needs more men and turns to the continent to enlist help.   With Edmund of Gloucester serving as his guide, Malcolm finds himself at the court of Othello in Venice.  Othello offers a portion of his army to the Prince, but the price is steep and Malcolm is low in funds.  To secure financing Malcolm must borrow money from Shylock, a Venetian merchant.  With Othello’s ensign, Iago, assisting with the negotiations, Shylock agrees to fund their cause but, it comes with a very heavy cost – Edmund and Iago must murder Shylock’s enemies.   Speare is a prequel to Othello and King Lear and sequel to The Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night.

Production team includes:  Sean Stewart (Stage Manager), Lorne McLeer (Set) and Maya Woloszyn (Props).        Poster Design by Kurt Firla


Bear Productions presents:

Factory Theatre Mainspace
125 Bathurst Street (at Adelaide)

TICKETS:  www.fringetoronto.com   (416) 966-1062  Ext. 1

$10.00  CASH at the door   
$9.00 in advance

FRIDAY, JULY 6,   8:45 PM – PART 1 
SATURDAY, JULY 7,   3:30 PM – PART 2
SUNDAY JULY 8,   10:30  PM – PART 1
TUESDAY, JULY 10,   3:00 PM – PART 2
WEDNESDAY, JULY 11,   1:45 PM – PART 1
THURSDAY, JULY 12,   2:15- PM – PART 2
SATURDAY, JULY14,   2:15  PM – PART 1