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Tony Ho’s

Sad is funny at the 2012 Fringe Festival

Let Tony Ho help you work through the inevitable sadness in your life. Fresh off its success at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, the troupe is back with a brand-new work of cathartic hilarity, tailored specifically to the Fringe experience.

Bringing together the best of theatre with the best in sketch comedy, Sad People explores the mental illness, depression and general sadness that surrounds our lives – in an unexpected, hilarious format that is one part performance art, one part support group. And with different special guests with new material each night, every performance is a unique therapeutic experience.

Guests include Evany Rosen (Picnicface), Tom Henry (CCA nominee, Laugh Sabbath), Anders Yates(Uncalled For’s Hypnogogic Logic), Kris Siddiqi (Second City), Ken Hall (CCA nominee for 2 Man No-Show), Henri Fabergé (Heligoland Follies, Henri Fabergé and the Adorables), Kathleen Phillips (Laugh Sabbath), James Hartnett (That’s So Weird, Laugh Sabbath, CCA 2011 winner), Sandra Battaglini (Classy Lady), Dan Beirne (The Trotsky, The Bitter End, Dad Drives) and Freddie Rivas (Rap Battlez). Visit for more info and tickets.


Tony Ho is Toronto comedians Roger Bainbridge, Miguel Rivas (Rap Battlez, Frenzy) and Adam Niebergall. Tony Ho believes being unsettled isn’t a bad thing. This darkly hilarious Toronto group (Jury’s Pic at last June’s Sketch ComAgeddon) has been called the haunted house of sketch with good reason. Equally funny and disturbing, Tony Ho is entirely unexpected and absolutely unforgettable.

Show details:

Robert Gill Theatre
214 College St
3rd floor

July 5 6:30 PM
July 8 6:15 PM
July 9 4:45 PM
July 11 9:45 PM
July 12 1:00 PM
July 13 11:30 PM
July 14 1:45 PM

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