Release the Stars – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

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In the guise of everyone’s favourite Hollywood fugitives, Acclaimed Toronto writers/performers Daniel Krolik and Amanda Barker have curated 14 very real and very stunning works of art from Queen West’s Norman Felix Gallery. And over the course of one whirlwind hour, the gallery will be their personal playground, giving Randy and Evi Quaid a forum to regale audiences with real – and possibly less-than-real – tales of their lives, their love, and their ongoing to-the-death battle against a shadowy syndicate bent on ‘starwhacking’ them and their celebrity brethren.

Yep, Randy and Evi have curated their own show, featuring paintings, sculptures and mixed media pieces from our vibrant Toronto art scene. And think of these 14 works as the Quaids’ own personal 14 Stations of the Cross. Each one serves as a narrative springboard, allowing them to share their lives’ quirky trials, tribulations, triumphs and terrors through storytelling and flashbacks.

Are the Quaids crazy? Or are they attention-seeking publicity mongers? Or is it possible they’re the victims of one of the most mysterious and nefarious conspiracies in Hollywood history?  Release the Stars explores how the complexity of celebrity, paranoia, and love can become an art form unto itself.

Release the Stars is directed by Jack Grinhaus (Phaedra’s Lust – Tapestry New Opera; Artistic Director of Bound to Create Theatre) and is written and performed by Fringe veterans Amanda Barker (The Book of Liz, Canadian Comedy Award nominee for Troubadour) and Daniel Krolik (In Trousers – NOW Magazine Artist to Watch – Best of Fringe).

Release the Stars: The Ballad of Randy and Evi Quaid
Written & Performed by Amanda Barker and Daniel Krolik
Directed by Jack Grinhaus
Dramaturgy by Megan Mooney
Stage Management by Nidhi Khanna

Norman Felix Gallery

627 Queen Street W. @ at Bathurst

Wed July 4 @ 9PM
Thurs July 5 @ 7PM
Fri July 6 @ 4:30PM
Sun July 8 @ 8PM
Mon July 9 @ 7PM
Tues July 10 @ 9PM
Wed July 11 @ 7PM
Thurs July 12 @ 9PM
Fri July 13 @ 4:30PM
Sat July 14 @ 8PM

$10 at the door, $11 in advance at