Gay Nerds – Toronto Fringe 2012 Press Release

From press release


Toronto-based Misnomer Productions is launching a play and companion web series about a trio of gay nerds prone to comic misadventures in the vein of popular television shows and movies.

Summer 2012, and nerd is the word. Television shows like Community and The Big Bang Theory celebrate the socially maladjusted, while films like The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider- Man transform comic book obsessions into big box office returns. But with the overall profile of the nerd on the rise, a segment of the subculture has been left out in the proverbial cold — namely, the gay nerd!

Merging geeky pop cultural obsessions with a queer comedic sensibility, GAY NERDS shines a light on all of the unsung gay men and women who would rather talk your ear off about Game of Thrones than hobnob with the sophisticated bed-hoppers of Queer as Folk.

Have you ever obsessed about what Thor and Captain America really do behind closed doors? Or have you written some naughty erotic fiction involving Xena and Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Then GAY NERDS is for you!

The monthly web series follows Sam, Lana and Ralph as they navigate life, love, and the pursuit of nerdiness — all with a uniquely queer twist. Alongside the series launch, a staged version of GAY NERDS will also be part of the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival. When our hapless trio finds themselves trapped in a play, they must cobble together a story from familiar narratives of the past or risk being trapped onstage for all of eternity. Can they do it?

Created by JP Larocque, GAY NERDS stars an eclectic cast of queer performers, including Robert Keller (Ralph), Ryan Kerr (Sam), Kirsten Dahlin Nolan (Lana), and Joseph de Melo (Charlie). The web series launches June 22nd, and the play will be performed at Factory Theatre Mainspace from July 4th to 14th.

GAY NERDS! Because size matters not.