Fringe for Free! Toronto Fringe ticket giveaways for shows playing on Thursday, July 12th

Feel like some mid-week theatre? For free? Keep entering these contests and not winning? Keep trying! We’re still giving away tickets every day, and today is extra special, with six free shows instead of five. If you’ve been keeping up with the barrage of Fringe reviews Mooney on Theatre has been publishing (one for every single show!) you probably already have your eye on a few you’d like to catch. Here’s to getting what you want, and not having to pay for it. Enter to win for any or all the shows you’d like to see and Fringe for Free with a friend! Below are the six shows that are we are giving away tickets for on Thursday, July 12th, 2012.

The shows are: 

Annabelle’s Tails from Jail – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 3:30pm show at Tarragon Extra Space (Venue 2) please send an email to with the subject line “Annabelle’s Tails from Jail contest” by 7pm on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012.

Driving Home – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 1:45pm show at the Tarragon Extra Space (Venue 2) please send an email to with the subject line “Driving Home contest” by 7pm on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012.

Like a Dog – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 10:15pm show at the Robert Gill Theatre (Venue 9) please send an email to with the subject line “Like a Dog contest” by 7pm on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012.

Meet My New Boyfriend FAME – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 8:00pm show at the Solo Room at Tarragon Theatre (Venue 3) please send an email to with the subject line “Meet My New Boyfriend FAME contest” by 7pm on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012.

US Drag – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 5:15pm show at the Randolph Theatre (Venue 4) please send an email to with the subject line “US Drag contest” by 7pm on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012.

Water – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 7:00pm show at the Palmerston Library Theatre (FringeKids!) please send an email to with the subject line “Water contest” by 7pm on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012.

21 Days – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 6:45pm show at the Robert Gill Theatre (Venue 9) please send an email to with the subject line “21 Days contest” by 7pm on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012.

See below for details on each show, how the contest works:

Annabelle’s Tails from Jail

From Press Release: Annabelle is a country girl whose bad times are all around her – „cause jail is big! But that‟s ok, „cause she likes new experiences and now that she no longer is stalking the man she loves or seeking revenge on those she doesn’t, she spends a lot of her time in the jail‟s liberry, “Did you know that the Grand Canyon has an edge of approximately 1,066 kilometres? That‟s way more edgy than Adam Lambert‟s eye liner!”

This piece plays at Tarragon Extra Space. Performances: July 6 9:15pm,  July 7 3:30pm,  July 8 4:45pm, July 11 5:45pm, July 12 3:30pm, July 13 1:45pm, July 15 7:30pm.

Driving Home

From Press Release: When Derek and Katherine go to Muskoka, Katherine’s estranged mother announces she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. In the car driving home, Katherine struggles with the ramifications of her mother’s revelation, while Derek comforts her. He asks her to move in with him, and initially Katherine is thrilled… until Derek lets slip that his ex is spending the weekend at his place. While he insists the ex was only there to pack up things she had had in storage, Katherine becomes increasingly convinced Derek has been unfaithful.

This piece plays at Tarragon Extra Space. Performances: July 6 5:45 PM, July 7 7:00 PM, July 8 10:30 PM, July 10 10:30 PM, July 11 9:15 PM, July 12 1:45 PM, July 15 3:30 PM

Like a Dog

From Press Release: Alive for thousands of years, Peter’s body is collapsing. When his faithful dog is killed, he is confined to hospital where a young doctor (Andy Trithardt, Godot Cycle) tries to make sense of his shifting identity. In another room, a child has been born three months premature to an unprepared mother (Jennetta Lamb, Second City Conservatory). This early birth and Peter’s early death create a space where anything is possible. A man with no heartbeat, a mother with no children, and a doctor without a past try to define themselves as fiction and reality blur.

This piece plays at Robert Gill Theatre. Performances: July 4  9:30 PM, July 7 8:30 PM, July 9 6:30 PM, July 11 1:45 PM, July 12 10:15 PM, July 13 9:15 PM, July 15 4:30 PM

Meet My New Boyfriend FAME

From Press Release: This one man cabaret is about one boy’s journey from a small town in Nova Scotia to becoming an INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR!!!… well maybe just in his mind. This show is jam packed with hilarious childhood stories, jazz and musical theatre songs, bad life decisions, love and of course, love lost. Come join in on the fun where really ANYTHING could happen!

This piece shows at The Solo Room. Performances: July 6 03:00 PM, July 7 05:00 PM, July 8 08:00 PM, July 12 08:00 PM, July 13 08:45 PM, July 14 04:30 PM

US Drag

From Press Release: A faceless attacker named “Ed” stalks the streets of present day Manhattan. His victims: the good Samaritans unlucky enough to “help” him. Post-university party girls, Angela and Allison, decide the easiest way to earn money fast is finding information about Ed and collecting the reward. They hastily arrange to join a community-advocacy group called S.A.F.E. (Stay Away From Ed). The only problem is the other group members. They’ve all fallen victim to their own self-obsessed outlooks on life and would rather redecorate the corners they’ve backed themselves into. Will Angela and Allison find happiness, or will they be dragged down by not only their friends, but themselves?

This piece plays at Randolph Theatre. Performances: July 7 5:15 PM, July 9 12:45 PM, July 10 6:45 PM, July 11 3:30 PM, July 12 5:15 PM, July 14 11:00 PM


From Press Release: Water tells the story of 8 year old Olive who has always been afraid of big waves, and the wish that she makes when she meets a strange and magical fish by the sea. Olive wishes that all of the water in all of the world would disappear! What follows is a fantastical tale that transports audiences from beach resotrts to apple orchards, from Ethiopia to inside our own bodies!

This piece plays at Palmerston Theatre Library. Performances: July 6 1:00pm, July 7 5:30pm, July 8 7:30pm, July 10 2:30pm, July 11 11:15am, July 12 7:00pm, July 14 5:45pm, July 15 1:45pm

21 Days

From Press Release: Musicals sometimes get a bad rap for being overly campy with an extra side of cheese. Some are, and we love them for it, but others, like Bad Dress Productions’ Toronto Fringe feature 21 Days, prove that musical doesn’t have to equal camp to be successful.

With punchy, clever dialogue by Tabia Lau, 21 Days tells the story of Julie (played with great gusto by Elizabeth Conway), a young woman who was diagnosed with a strange and fatal disease at a very young age. The doctors told her she only had twenty-one days to live, but not just any old days, twenty-one amazing days.

This piece plays at the Robert Gill Theatre (Venue 9). Performances: July 10 09:00 PM, July 11 08:00 PM, July 12 06:45 PM, July 15 02:45 PM

Contest Rules: 
(these will remain the same for each Fringe contest, so take the time to read the list once and you’ll be set)

  • The only acceptable form of entry for the contest is by email, sent to (Mooney on Theatre will never use your email address for anything other than to reply to the specific contest you entered, and we certainly would never sell it or anything like that)
  • Each show counts as its own contest, and each entry must be in a separate email. So, if 5 shows are giving tickets away on a given day, and you want to try for each of them, then you need to send 5 emails.
  • Entrants must be available on the day and time listed in the contest. The tickets are available for that showing only, and cannot be transferred to another date.
  • The winning entrants will be chosen by a random drawing.
  • Winners will be notified by email by 9pm on the day of contest closing and need to confirm their attendance 10am AT THE LATEST the following morning so that their names can be given to the theatre company for tickets to be set aside.
  • Photo I.D. may be required to claim the winning tickets.
  • Tickets must be picked up 60 to 30 minutes before show time at the venue box office. The box office reserves the right to release any tickets not picked up 15 minutes before show time.
  • We ask that all winners provide us with a quick blurb on what they thought of the show, either in the comments section of the press release on Mooney on Theatre, or if it has already been reviewed by Mooney on Theatre in the comments section of that.