Fringe for Free! Toronto Fringe ticket giveaways for shows playing on Friday, July 13th

It’s the last weekend of 2012 Toronto Fringe. If you’ve put off checking out this year’s festival, this is your last chance! And, what better way to go to a Fringe show than for free!? As you know from last year we like to spread the love during Fringe and invite our readers to participate in contests for a pair of FREE Fringe tickets to FIVE shows every day of the festival. So enter a contest and Fringe for Free! Today’s contest features a pair of tickets to five shows on Friday, July 13th.


The shows are:


Buffering… – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 9:45pm show at Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace (Venue 10) please send an email to with the subject line “Buffering contest” by 7pm on Thursday, July 12, 2012.
Dirty Butterfly – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 1:45pm show at Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace (Venue 11) please send an email to with the subject line “Dirty Butterfly contest” by 7pm on Thursday, July 12, 2012.
One Night – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 1:00pm show at George Ignatieff Theatre (Venue 6) please send an email to with the subject line “One Night contest” by 7pm on Thursday, July 12, 2012.
Release the Stars  – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 4:30pm show at SIX20SEVEN Gallery, 627 Queen St. W. (Site-specific) please send an email to with the subject line “Release the Stars contest” by 7pm on Thursday, July 12, 2012.
Temple of Khaos – To be entered into the draw for a pair of tickets to the 3:30pm show at Tarragon Theatre Extra Space (Venue 2) please send an email to with the subject line “Temple of Khaos contest” by 7pm on Thursday, July 12, 2012.
See below for details on each show, how the contest works: 


From Press release: A princess/minor blogging sensation, a court jester with an MBA and mild case of OCD, and a retired child actor turned wicked witch, form an unlikely (and unwitting) team to save a supposedly handsome prince and restore order to a kingdom mired in copyright disputes and contractual fine print.

We call it an homage to the fairy tale, but the cease and desist letters just call it “unauthorized.” In any case, leave all your good ideas at home and come witness as we trespass on intellectual property to tell the story of this magical(ish) land and hopefully figure out the moral before incurring exorbitant royalty fees.

This piece plays at the Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace. Performances: July 06 09:15 PM, July 07 04:00 PM, July 08 05:45 PM, July 10 01:00 PM, July 11 11:15 PM, July 13 09:45 PM, July 15 02:45 PM

Dirty Butterfly

From Press release: This mesmerizing and startling new drama by Jamaican British playwright Debbie Tucker Green explores voyeurism, power and guilt by confronting the collateral damage of domestic abuse and racial economic divide through a modern storytelling style that is equally blunt and poetic.

This piece plays at the Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace. Performances: July 06 08:15 PM, July 08 01:00 PM, July 09 02:15 PM, July 10 06:45 PM, July 11 04:45 PM, July 13 01:45 PM, July 14 09:45 PM, July 15 12:30 PM

One Night

From Press release: Penny, a 32-year-old plus-sized woman has had enough of being a virgin and all the assumptions and labels that come with it. Unhappy with her life in general, she finds herself at a bar searching for an answer. One Night is a funny and poignant look at a person’s desire to fit into a sexually charged society.

This piece plays at the George Ignatieff Theatre. Performances: July 06 10:30 PM, July 08 04:00 PM, July 10 08:00 PM, July 12 06:15 PM, July 13 01:00 PM, July 14 11:30 PM, July 15 02:00 PM

Release the Stars

From Press release: In the guise of everyone’s favourite Hollywood fugitives, Acclaimed Toronto writers/performers Daniel Krolik and Amanda Barker have curated 14 very real and very stunning works of art from Queen West’s Norman Felix Gallery. And over the course of one whirlwind hour, the gallery will be their personal playground, giving Randy and Evi Quaid a forum to regale audiences with real – and possibly less-than-real – tales of their lives, their love, and their ongoing to-the-death battle against a shadowy syndicate bent on ‘starwhacking’ them and their celebrity brethren.

Yep, Randy and Evi have curated their own show, featuring paintings, sculptures and mixed media pieces from our vibrant Toronto art scene. And think of these 14 works as the Quaids’ own personal 14 Stations of the Cross. Each one serves as a narrative springboard, allowing them to share their lives’ quirky trials, tribulations, triumphs and terrors through storytelling and flashbacks.

This is a site-specific piece that plays at SIX20SEVEN Gallery, 627 Queen St. W.  Performances: July 04 09:00 PM, July 05 07:00 PM, July 06 04:30 PM, July 08 08:00 PM, July 09 07:00 PM, July 10 09:00 PM, July 11 07:00 PM, July 12 09:00 PM, July 13 04:30 PM, July 14 08:00 PM

Temple of Khaos

From Press release: Temple of Khaos is a comedy creation that evolved from the dark, grey matter of the minds of a street performer, a Buffoon, a clown and an improviser: Nimmo, Lester, Ratjen and Remier. They sound like a law firm, but they are actually a dynamic comedy-circus-clown troupe bent on bringing Khaos to the Fringe!

For 10,000 years, a Monster of Khaos has ruled unchallenged. Our hero – an innocent but precocious Traveller – is charged with creating peace. Will he succeed, or will he succumb to an eternity of damnation?

This piece plays at the Tarragon Theatre Extra Space. Performances: July 06 07:30 PM, July 07 12:00 PM, July 09 09:00 PM, July 12 08:45 PM, July 13 03:30 PM, July 14 05:15 PM, July 15 01:45 PM

Contest Rules: 
(these will remain the same for each Fringe contest, so take the time to read the list once and you’ll be set)

  • The only acceptable form of entry for the contest is by email, sent to (Mooney on Theatre will never use your email address for anything other than to reply to the specific contest you entered, and we certainly would never sell it or anything like that)
  • Each show counts as its own contest, and each entry must be in a separate email. So, if 5 shows are giving tickets away on a given day, and you want to try for each of them, then you need to send 5 emails.
  • Entrants must be available on the day and time listed in the contest. The tickets are available for that showing only, and cannot be transferred to another date.
  • The winning entrants will be chosen by a random drawing.
  • Winners will be notified by email by 9pm on the day of contest closing and need to confirm their attendance 10am AT THE LATEST the following morning so that their names can be given to the theatre company for tickets to be set aside.
  • Photo I.D. may be required to claim the winning tickets.
  • Tickets must be picked up 60 to 30 minutes before show time at the venue box office. The box office reserves the right to release any tickets not picked up 15 minutes before show time.
  • We ask that all winners provide us with a quick blurb on what they thought of the show, either in the comments section of the press release on Mooney on Theatre, or if it has already been reviewed by Mooney on Theatre in the comments section of that.