Readers Roundup – 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival

Interested in knowing which 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival plays have entralled, intrigued and delighted our Mooney readers? We’ve rounded up a few of the comments we’ve received from Fringe plays to give you a better picture of which show is likely to tickle your fancy.

Tinfoil Dinosaur
“I thoroughly enjoyed Tinfoil Dinosaur. It was a funny and poignant coming of age story. I hope Sam continues with stories. He could be the next TJ Dawe.” – Sam Mooney

“I was so fortunate to unexpectedly attend a performance of Rare on Sunday,July 8 and I was mesmerized by the talent of the cast. I have been raving to everyone who will listen to me about how the performers transform the myths and stereotypes that attendees may have about individuals who are gifted with Down syndrome. My sincere hope is that this talented theatre company will be able to travel across Canada, the US, and abroad to present their amazing work.” RFox

Sweet Dreams
“I quite liked this play and thought it a commendable first effort on the part of the young actors and playwright. I actually enjoyed the static nature of the background actors and found the dialogue effective as an art form. All in all, a good watch!” – selkie

The Little Mermaid
“The group numbers are particularly stunning in this surprisingly entertaining show. The sound on the night I went was a bit choppy and the transitions from one dance to another could be smoother, but overall I was very impressed with how well the concept worked. There’s some fantastic creativity and talent on that stage.” – Andrea

“I saw this show on Saturday night (July 7) and was utterly charmed by the charismatic and endearing Greg Ellwand – he sold the slim concept of “Bread” on the force of his personality (assisted by Dan Imbrogno and Ellie Ellwand). Greg sings and dances (who knew?), and the father/daughter harmonies he and Ellie demonstrate are just lovely. “Bread” incorporates history lesson, family memories, and some beautiful poignant moments. I enjoyed it, and came away really wanting to bake bread! There should be a recipe for the bread that Greg talks about so lovingly (no yeast or milk or eggs, just flour, salt and water) inserted in the program!” – Tina

Camp Schecky
“I was on the same bus and had the same great ride to Camp. I am checking out what day I can go on the bus again!!” – Denise

“Me too! And with a new busload of campers and varying weather conditions (good thing tonight’s show is at 10:00 – that’ll be a hot ride!), every show is sure to be a unique experience. :) ” – Mara

“Saw the play! So fun! I was crying-laughing. :) ” – Keri

Eat, Poo, Love
“As a cancer survivor, I can honestly say that keeping your sense of humour is the best thing you can do for yourself while the rest of your world seems to be falling apart around you at the “big C” diagnosis. Reading this review of Paul’s play (as the family calls it) makes me proud to call him my son-in-law and, hopefully, the message contained therein gets out to everyone who sees it and more people will be less afraid of getting “scoped”. Well done, Paul!!”  – Kathie Paul

Life in the Raw
“Like finding a treasured sepia photo album in your attic, Life in the Raw, plunks you down on a kitchen chair amid five members of a Montreal family during the Great Depression. With the help of an ambitious musical score, beautiful voices and strong acting, the story weaves 1930’s values, heartache and melodrama to a tumultuous conclusion. In the end, family loyalty triumphs. Earnest, engaging, yet at times syrupy, this atypical Fringe show kept us talking all the way home.” – Pauline T

snug harbor
“I knew going in that this would be a different show from “The Burning Bush” because I’d heard Tracey on CBC’s The Current. It is a very poignant show combined with a workshop. I was very moved. There are several funny moments but what you get is Tracey expressing raw emotion, grief and anger over the loss of her dad. And it’s so much more than talking about grief, but also gives insight into how those of us who are slaves to “goal lists” live our lives. This is well worth getting there early and waiting in line for since it’s sure to sell out for the rest of the run. So go see it now!” – Janet Langdon

Something From Nothing
A polished production that is full of heart and humour, Something From Nothing has something for everyone. The day I saw it, the adults in the audience were enjoying it as much as the kids and everyone left the the theatre smiling. A perfect mix of song and story, excellent actors and scene-stealing puppets, this is simply one of the best shows at the Fringe. – Donna Dudinsky

With Somebody Who Loves Me: A Gay Dansical
I was in the audience Sat night and could not believe my eyes! What a dance show! It was like paying 10 bucks to see the best segments of So You Think You Can Dance ! The concept was cool, no words or singing to distract you and I am glad you mentioned the risk this guy took making a Dansical. My 3 friends and I LOVED it….. No cheesy singing,no over acting, just speechless over the dancing and almost cried with the girl who lost her job…I don’t know her name,but who cares…she danced her ass off and brought me along for the ride. – Kayla