The Homemaker – Toronto Fringe 2013 Press Release

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Convection Productions Presents

May 27th, 2013

Toronto Critic Award Winning Artists and

Canadian Fringe Festival Favourite Laura Anne Harris

Present The Homemaker

Critically acclaimed solo performer Laura Anne Harris is very pleased to be presenting her newest solo show, The Homemaker at the 25th Annual Toronto Fringe Festival for three special performances.

 After their huge success at the Next Stage Festival this past January, Jenni Walls and Laura Anne Harris team up again in the Annex Theatre.

Two charismatic performers and two dynamic cabarets! Fringe and Next Stage Festival starlets Jenni Walls and Laura Anne Harris present their two solo shows, Liza Live! and The Homemaker in one venue! Two different characters from vastly different circumstances; one familiar face, Liza Minnelli who was born a star, the other, Janet Cardinal, an isolated housewife in Saskatchewan who has always dreamed of being on stage. Both Ms. Walls and Ms. Harris are exploring each character’s triumphs and deep vulnerabilities, which will make for a memorable Fringe experience.

Based on a legend in Ms. Harris’ family, The Homemaker, explores the life of Ms. Harris’ Aunt whose name appears as Janet Cardinal in the play.

Janet Cardinal is a French-Canadian homemaker from Leoville, Saskatchewan who wants to share her life story as a show! The story of her marriage to her husband and to alcohol is told through cabaret ‘acts’ of poetry, dance, puppetry and song within her kitchen.

Ms. Harris has trained in clown and physical theatre with Helen Donnelly, Adam Lazarus, Giusspeppe Condello and Francine Cote. Theatrical clown balances darker and lighter themes very effectively on stage. Even though this play does not use the traditional red nose, “red nose clown” and bouffon directly influence the playful nature of the storytelling.

Through family stories Ms. Harris learned her Great Aunt was really fun and happy when she was drunk. She would always sing the song, Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag around her immediate family. But behind that happy tipsy demeanor was a woman who struggled with an unhappy marriage and addiction to alcohol. This play acts as a tribute Ms. Harris’ Great Aunt and examines the struggles of being a 1960s homemaker, the justifications for some of her life decisions as well as the limitations of an unbalanced relationship.

The Homemaker, created and performed by Laura Anne Harris

Directed by Morgan Norwich

Assistant Directed by Darcy Stoop

Annex Theatre, 730 Bathurst St, Toronto ON

Only Three Performances!

Thursday July 4th 8:45pm

Sunday July 7th 8:00pm

Thursday July 11th 12pm

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Laura Anne Harris at 1-ˇ416-ˇ820-ˇ9383 or by email

Photo by Neil Muscott