One Side of an Ampersand – Toronto Fringe 2013 Press Release

From Press Release


Flying Radio Theatre is proud to present its debut production, One Side of an Ampersand, by Julie McCann, as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival at the Randolph Theatre, July 3rd-14th. Co-directed by Julie McCann and Jasmin Goode, and featuring Zoe Brownstone, Hilary McCormack, Rebecca Perry, and Chris Whidden, One Side of an Ampersand is produced by a team of current and recently graduated Ryerson Theatre School students.

With the international focus on achieving marriage rights for people lesbians and gays, it’s easy to forget that not every relationship is as easy as “meet, fall in love, get married.” Alice (Hilary McCormack) and Helen (Zoe Brownstone) are quite happy with their no-strings-attached, casual, whatever-this-is-who-needs-labels relationship, thank you very much. But when Helen offers Alice a key to her apartment, Alice revolts, and the two of them battle over whether this new stage in the relationship will keep things as they are, or make them Helen & Alice, each trapped on One Side of an Ampersand. A visit from recently engaged Daisy (Rebecca Perry) sparks a heated debate over marriage. The situation grows more complex when Helen’s former lover from university (Chris Whidden), freshly departed from his wife, comes back into the scene to try to re-kindle long lost love. Julie McCann’s new play questions the normative, hetero-approved model of happiness, and offers a fresh, funny, and warm look at a loving, non-traditional relationship.

Flying Radio Theatre is a new company devoted to developing original works that explore relationships in our changing society. By focusing on non-tradtional relationships we aspire to start conversations about the roles of love, sex, and gender in today‚Äôs world. Julie McCann’s One Side of an Ampersand is our first production.